The Apple Doesn't Fall

Season 3, Episode 3:

Portwenn has a new police officer following the departure of Mark Mylow. His replacement is PC Joseph Penhale, who has an odd affliction that causes him to suddenly fall asleep at inopportune times. The doctor discovers that he has narcolepsy brought on years ago by a kick to the head from a horse.

Meanwhile, village plumber Bert Large is having a midlife crisis. His son Al has left the village to travel the globe and Bert feels left out in the cold.







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Nowt So Queer

Season 3, Episode 8:

News of Martin and Louisa's engagement spreads like wildfire -- like the outbreak of a respiratory infection in the village. Bert Large's ill health is not his only problem as he struggles to keep his restaurant afloat.






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Happily Ever After

Season 3, Episode 9: Season Finale

The day of Martin and Louisa's wedding arrives and it's a catalogue of disasters from the very beginning. The bridesmaid gets injured, Martin wrestles with the drunk priest, and to top it all off, both Martin and Louisa are having doubts.

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Better the Devil

Life in the beautiful Cornish village of Portwenn has become ever more infuriating for Dr. Martin Ellingham since the heart-wrenching decision to call off his marriage to local headmistress Louisa. Louisa has left, and Martin has begun to question what keeps him in Cornwall. It's certainly not his relentlessly annoying patients. On a visit to the hospital, Martin is stunned to meet Edith, his old girlfriend from medical school days who is now a top-ranking doctor with a flourishing private practice.

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Uneasy Lies the Head

Season 4, Episode 2

Doc Martin struggles to deal with the news of Louisa's pregnancy and is conflicted over what action to take. But Louisa is adamant that she doesn't want Martin involved. Doc's aunt Joan, however, insists that she help Louisa through the pregnancy.

Louisa accepts a job back at Portwenn Primary School, where the principal is causing public concern over his increasingly erratic behavior. Martin realizes the headmaster is unwell based on his blue urine sample. Things take a frightening turn when he takes a class of students to the beach.

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