2018 Earth Focus Environmental Film Festival Partners and Sponsors


Abramorama logo

Abramorama is the preeminent theatrical distributor of music films in the US today and recognized for the consistent high quality of its work on award winning feature films. An innovator in the focused, personalized form of film distribution and event cinema, Abramorama provides invaluable alternatives to filmmakers and content owners.  An industry leader in marketing and promotion, Abramorama continues to trail-blaze exciting new pathways for filmmakers to find their audience.

Deadline logo

Deadline Hollywood first began in March 2006 as Deadline Hollywood Daily, the 24/7 Internet version of Nikki Finke’s long-running LA Weekly “Deadline Hollywood” print column. In 2009, Nikki’s site was purchased by PMC (formerly known as Mail.com Media Corporation). It has become the authoritative source for breaking news in the entertainment industry and readers check the site multiple times each day. Deadline Hollywood is regularly included on lists of top entertainment websites. Influential industry leaders and key decision-makers across many fields track Deadline many times a day and its postings regularly receive more reader comments than all of the entertainment industry news sites combined.

Green Wish Logo

Green Wish is a grassroots non-profit that supports other sustainable non-profits in the cites where we have chapters.  Green Wish is a fund raising tool that does maximum good, right in your neighborhood!  A donation to Green Wish is distributed amongst five other small, local non-profits that you may not be aware of, doing important shovel ready work in your community.  In Los Angeles, the beneficiaries of our work go to Friends of the Los Angeles River, Food Forward, Honey Love, Muir Ranch and Hollywood Orchard.  We bring them much needed funds, and more importantly, much needed awareness regarding the extraordinary work that they do every day to make our city a greener place.  

International Documentary Association logo

Documentary storytelling expands our understanding of shared human experience, fostering an informed, compassionate, and connected world. The International Documentary Association (IDA)  is dedicated to building and serving the needs of a thriving documentary culture. Through its programs, the IDA provides resources, creates community, and defends rights and freedoms for documentary artists, activists, and journalists.

Laemmle logo

Laemmle, pronounced "LEM-lee", is synonymous with great independent, foreign, and art house cinema.  In over 70 years of operation, we have been guided by our commitment to exhibit "quality film without regard to genre or provenance". Our theaters serve over a million film patrons each year from seven locations in the greater Los Angeles region including Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Pasadena, and Claremont. Click here for a full listing.

Motev logo (updated 2018)

Motev's priority is to the environment and to our customers. Serving each of them responsibly creates an ecosystem of sustainability. We have four core beliefs, which drive us to do what we do the way we do it. Social responsibility, technology has the power to change the world for the better. We embrace and champion the advancement of technologies designed to support environmental sustainability.  Guest experience, a premium personal chauffeur experience requires exceptional customer service. We believe that professionalism, discretion, reliability and comfort are non-negotiable. 

Efficient technology, premium service should not come at the expense of the environment. Motev exclusively utilizes electric vehicles to minimize our carbonfootprint.  Integrity, guest experience is a direct result of employee experience. We employ ethical practices at every level of our organization and throughout our services without compromise.  It is these principles that motivate our executive chauffeurs to don their black suits and slide behind the wheels of our Tesla fleet and emerge onto the streets of Los Angeles to serve the most discriminating environmental conscious clientele. Motev is everything…Be Driven.


The Sony Picture This Festival for the Planet asks emerging film-makers and change-makers from around the world to create short films (1-8 minutes) that show the positive future they see for our planet. Whether fiction or non-fiction, stories have a unique ability to inspire, engage, and inform how we view our future.

Thomson Reuters Foundation logo

The Thomson Reuters Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Thomson Reuters, the world's biggest news and information provider. We are an independently registered charity in the UK and US and run free programmes that promote the highest standards in journalism and spread the practice of legal pro bono. Our aim is to inform, connect, and empower people around the world.

UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television

The UCLA Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies (LENS) is an incubator for new research and collaboration on storytelling, communications, and media in the service of environmental conservation and equity. We are a diverse network of faculty and students from across disciplines who explore how today’s environmental challenges connect to longer histories of imagining the natural world. At LENS, we begin with the idea that these challenges are as much cultural and political as they are scientific and technological.


Citizen's Climate Lobby logo

With 55,000 supporters, Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a non-profit, non-partisan national organization that proposes a Carbon Fee & Dividend (CF&D) policy to combat climate change. CF&D would place a steadily rising fee on fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) at the source. This would reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 52% below 1990s levels within 20 years. All fees collected would go back to households in equal shares. CF&D is therefore revenue neutral, which is why it's gaining support among both Democrats and Republicans. In addition, CF&D is good for the economy, and speaks to social justice.  The organizing efforts of Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteers has played a major role in the formation and growth of the Climate Solutions Caucus in Congress. This bipartisan coalition now has 48 members- 24 Republicans and 24 Democrats that have pledged to take action on climate change.

Heal the Bay Logo

Heal the Bay is a Santa Monica-based nonprofit dedicated to protecting the health and safety of our local beaches, inland watersheds and ocean. The volunteer-driven organization has a 32-year track record of using sound science, passionate advocacy and community engagement to keep our coastline clean and vibrant. The group issues water quality grades for more than 500 beaches each week, conducts monthly beach cleanups and operates the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, among many other programs. 

L.A. Works logo

L.A. Works is a 501(c)3 nonprofit volunteer action center that creates, manages, and implements hands-on community service projects throughout the greater Los Angeles area. With more than 20 years of success, L.A. Works addresses three principal needs: to increase volunteer participation in the community; to build the capacity of nonprofit organizations to achieve their missions through access to volunteer labor and other resources; and to educate and encourage people to engage in the broader social issues affecting the greater Los Angeles community. L.A. Works has more than 30,000 registered volunteers who have contributed over 1,000,000 volunteer hours of service to thousands of nonprofits in the Los Angeles community.

Metro logo

Metro (the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority) is unique among the nation’s transportation agencies. We serve as transportation planner and coordinator, designer, builder and operator for one of the country’s largest, most populous counties. More than 9.6 million people – nearly one-third of California’s residents – live, work, and play within our 1,433-square-mile service area.

How to Get There: Laemmle Monica Film Center is located at 1332 2nd St., Santa Monica, CA 90401. Go Metro and take Expo Line to Downtown Santa Monica Station. Then, it’s about a 10 minute walk to the theater on 2nd Street. Purchase roundtrip fare in advance and plan your trip on metro.net or call 323-GO METRO (323-466-3876). Show your TAP card at the admissions gate and receive a free hat! (While supplies last.) All films are unrated and there is no age limit for any of the films featured in the Earth Focus Environmental Film festival. It's a good idea to arrive about 30 minutes prior to the start of the film. Admission is on a per film basis only.

Project Save Our Surf

Project Save Our Surf is dedicated to the conservation of our oceans, fresh water and the delicate marine ecosystems that reside therein. We are surfers, celebrities, friends, families and businesses who together believe that through education, awareness outreach and involvement we can generate significant change on our planet.

Reef Check Foundation logo

Reef Check Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering people to save our reefs and oceans. With headquarters in Los Angeles and volunteer teams in more than 90 countries and territories, Reef Check works to protect tropical coral reefs and California rocky reefs through conservation, education, and research.

River LA Logo

River LA is a nonprofit organization with a mission to ensure the 51-mile Los Angeles River integrates design and infrastructure to bring people, water, and nature together. We believe in championing river-oriented policy, sustainable public spaces and creating innovative models for community betterment and participation. For more information please visit Facebook and Twitter.

Save Elephant Foundation logo

Save Elephant Foundation is a Thai non–profit organization dedicated to providing care and assistance to Thailand’s captive elephant population through a multifaceted approach involving local community outreach, rescue and rehabilitation programs, and educational ecotourism operations.

Sierra Club Los Angeles Logo

On November 1, 1911, 75 Sierra Club members gathered in downtown Los Angeles to sign a petition calling for the creation of a "Southern California Section," the first local chapter in the history of the organization that John Muir founded in San Francisco in 1892.

Today, the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter covers Los Angeles and Orange counties and includes 16 regional groups (organized by geographical area) and 27 outdoor activity sections and committees (organized by interest). Chapter coordination and oversight is provided by an elected volunteer Executive Committee; the chapter also employs 5 staff who work with volunteer leaders to advance its priorities.Together, we offer a wide array of activities to engage members and the general public in efforts to explore, enjoy and protect our shared environment.

The Bay Foundation logo

The Bay Foundation is celebrating its 30th year using science-based, innovative projects to restore and enhance Santa Monica Bay and local coastal waters, benefiting the nearly 2,000,000 people and more than 5,000 species of animals, fish, birds and plants that make their home in our Bay and watershed. The Bay Foundation, a 501(c) 3 non-profit environmental group, cleans up our waterways, creates green spaces in urban areas, and restores natural habitats both on land and underwater. Please check us out at thebayfoundation.org.

The Ocean Foundation logo

The Ocean Foundation supports, strengthens, and promotes organizations dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world. We identify the solutions to the threats that face our ocean, and the organizations and individuals best suited to implement them. We work collaboratively on every continent, on our one global ocean, and in most of the seven seas. 

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