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Earth Focus

The Price of Gold in Peru

Season 3 Episode 3

When Peru’s President Martín Vizcarra came to power in 2018, one of his first priorities was to gain control over the devastating outbreak of illegal gold mining operations. In February 2019, the government launched Operation Mercury, a decisive action to shut down an entire town built around an illegal gold mine. This episode follows chief environmental prosecutor Karina Garay as she works with the police, army and navy in destroying illegal mines and arresting miners in protected areas, while retraining illegal miners and persuading them to join the formalized mining operations.

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A guardian of Brazil's Amazon Rainforest watches as a fire burns the remains of lumber poachers. | Still from "Earth Focus"
Earth Focus

Building A Future - Lumber Poaching In Oregon and Brazil

Following groups like “Guardians of the Forest,” we explore illegal lumber poaching in the forests of Brazil and Oregon, where citizens and scientists are working together to combat the illegal lumber trade.
Season 2 Episode 3
Avocados from Chile | Valeria Cardi/Thomson Reuters Foundation
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Avocado Wars - The Battle Over Water Rights In Chile

The global demand for avocados is having a devastating impact on a drought-stricken community in Chile.
Season 2 Episode 2
Fueling Change: Oil Extraction in Alaska & California
Earth Focus

Fueling Change: Oil Extraction in Alaska and California

Global demand for oil and gas has long-lasting impacts on the communities that supply it.
Season 2 Episode 1
P-22 | Earth Focus
Earth Focus

Urban Habitat

Los Angeles is one of the biggest biodiversity hotspots in the world, despite its smog, urban sprawl and snarling freeways.
Season 1 Episode 106