Taylor Yard Timeline: From Abandoned Site to 'Crown Jewel'

Published as part of an environmental storytelling partnership with the Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies (LENS) at the University of California, Los Angeles. The first storyline focuses on the past, present and possible futures of Taylor Yard, an abandoned and contaminated rail yard adjacent to the L.A. River. Find more stories about Taylor Yard here.


Once a hub for Southern Pacific Railroad’s freight trains, Taylor Yard is now an undeveloped and still-contaminated site adjacent to the L.A. River. Browse through our timeline below to get a sense of the site's early history, then how it became a key element in the L.A. River's revitalization plans. 


The city's Bureau of Engineering, which is designing the new 42-acre park at Taylor Yard, has launched a survey to invite the public to share what they would like to see and do at the new park. Participate in the survey here.


Learn more about each slide with the resources below.

Hope for a Greener Future

Complex Los Angeles River Environmental Study Nears Completion

The L.A. River Study

L.A. River 'Crown Jewel' Parcel Purchase Zeroed Out in Favor of Albion Project
A Community Rises in a Once-Barren Cypress Park Rail Yard
How Do You Envision a Riverfront District?: Jill Sourial
Councilmembers O'Farrell and Cedillo Rally City in Support for Comprehensive Changes to L.A. River
Gamechanging L.A. River Study Released, $442 Million Plan Recommended
L.A. River Restoration Environmental and Health Justice Alternative 20

Taylor Yard Purchase on the Horizon

Taylor Yard Pedestrian Bridge: A 22 Year Old Project Gets Moving
L.A. River 'Crown Jewel' Parcel Purchase on the Horizon
A Brief History of Public Art and the L.A. River
Feds Okay $1-Billion Los Angeles River Project
L.A. River for Sale...Again?

Searching for the Money

L.A. River Habitat Restoration: Where Will the Money Come From?
$1.3 Billion L.A. River Habitat Restoration Plan Unanimously Approved in D.C.

The G2 Parcel on the Spot

Riparian Isn’t Just a Fancy Word for River-Related
Crown Jewel L.A. River Parcel Nears Purchase (Again)

The Beginning of a New Future

City of Los Angeles Acquires Long-Sought-After 'Crown Jewel'
Field of Dreams: The Cornfield Throughout Los Angeles History

Timeline built by Michael Naeimollah.


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