Walkers and Bikers Will Learn to Get Along This Saturday


If you have walked and biked in Los Angeles, you would have probably noticed a strange thing whenever you do either one of those activities exclusively for extended periods of time: when you're walking, you'd begrudge cyclists; when biking, you'd wonder why pedestrians can't get out of the path soon enough. The same drama is being played out not just here, but also across the Pacific.

In a world where cars remain the prevalent means of getting around, why can't the transportation underdogs get along? Perhaps they can, if given the proper introduction.

Enter, the first "Share the Path" event in Elysian Valley.

Held in collaboration with the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Watch (EVNW), the event aims to educate cyclists and pedestrians on these subtle road rules and relationships on the river path.

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Not-so-spelled-out rules for cyclists include: slow down when passing anyone; stay on the right side of the path when pedestrians are present; and be especially cautious near children and the elderly. For pedestrians: look both ways before entering the path; don't stop in the middle of the path; and look behind you and ahead, especially when moving across the path.

Residents will also get a chance to practice what they just learned by riding and walking through the L.A. River Greenway Trail. By doing more of these road-sharing events, the EVNW hopes that there will be less accidents on the bike path and happier, healthier residents.

"Share the Path" will be held this Saturday, January 19, 10 am to 1 pm. The workshop, bike and walk event, meets on Ripple Place by the Los Angeles River Greenway Trail. More details can be found here.



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