Italy: Fighting The Mafia with Mozzarella

Croatia: Power Struggle between Church and State - In new EU member Croatia, the on-going conflict between the Catholic Church and the leftist liberal government is taking on tones of a culture war. Whether it's about sex education in schools, or same-sex partnerships, Croatia's Catholic Church hasn't missed an opportunity to challenge the government. The church had a powerful influence on the day-to-day activities of the former conservative government. But for the last two years, Croatia has had a government that's been at odds with the country's conservative Catholics. Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic is an avowed atheist and President Ivo Josipovic is an agnostic. The new government wants to steer Croatia towards secular modernity. Russia: Free on Bail - More than two months after their arrest, the last of the Greenpeace activists has been released from jail on bail, though they all must remain in the country. The 30 international crew members of the Arctic Sunrise were protesting against what they called reckless arctic oil drilling. Now they're fighting on another front: for their own fate and for the right to protest peacefully. Russia has charged them with hooliganism, which can carry a maximum seven-year sentence. The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in Hamburg has demanded the group's release. France: The Great War Remembered - Nearly one hundred years after the outbreak of war in France, the government is calling on people to donate First World War memorabilia. The items will be displayed in a huge digital archive: The Great Collection - La Grande Collecte. Sometimes one small object can change a whole life. For Markus Geiler that was his grandfather's bible. Without it, Geiler would probably never have been born. His grandfather was a front-line soldier in World War I, and would have been killed had shrapnel not been stopped by the bible. Ever since the family has treasured the book. Now it will be displayed on the internet for the entire world to see. Belgium: Unemployment threatens to overwhelm a city - For the last year the city of Genk has been living in a state of shock, after the car manufacturer Ford announced it will close its factory there in 2014. Only a few hundred of the people affected have been able to find new jobs. The majority is continuing to work at Ford on reduced shifts and will soon be out of a job. About 10,000 people are thought to be affected - that's nearly one sixth of the city's inhabitants. And they have little hope of receiving any special assistance from the authorities. Genk is already on the verge of bankruptcy. Italy: Fighting the Mafia with Mozzarella - Massimo Rocco is a master cheese maker and is up against the mafia. His cooperative produces organic mozzarella on land near Naples that was confiscated from the mafia. The cooperative is part of "Libera Terra" - an organization of many small organic agricultural businesses operating on land that once belonged to the mafia. Legal labor, sustainable management and fair wages are the weapons that Massimo and his associates are using in their quest to free southern Italy from the chains of the mafia.

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