The Missing Man

Season 4, Episode 7

A long-missing RAF pilot returns home, but soon dies under violent circumstances.

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The Two Deaths of Hercule Flambeau

Season 6 Episode 10

Following reports of Flambeau's death, Father Brown races to protect a crown that contains a nail from the crucifixion of Christ.

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The Mask of the Demon

Season 4, Episode 1

A film crew making horror movie 'The Demon Brides' comes to the village, starring Lady Felicia's friend Rex Bishop and two warring leading ladies, Paulette Swain and Bebe Fontaine, the latter being the wife of unpopular director Vivian Wolsey, who is murdered.  Father Brown investigates in the first episode of season four of this popular series.

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The Brewer's Daughter

Season 4 Episode 2

Brewery heiress Grace Fitzgerald discovers that the brewery has burned down and her father has been killed. She believes it was arson, and fired employee Owen Brunt the chief suspect. However when a witness claims to have seen Grace enter the brewery, she is charged with murder. Father Brown investigates, but another murder follows before he solves the crimes.

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The Hangman's Demise

Season 4 Episode 3

Retired hangman Henry Lee is poisoned.  Iris Lightman, mother of his last execution victim, claims her son was innocent, and had told Henry the name of the real murderer, who apparently killed himself afterwards.  Iris is arrested on suspicion of murder, but Father Brown works out not only the real poisoner, but evidence of corruption in high places.

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The Crackpot of the Empire

Season 4 Episode 4

Ventriloquist Uncle Mirth invites his brothers George and Mortimer, Father Brown and others to a party.  But, oddly, they find themselves in a derelict building with no apparent exit.  George and Mortimer are killed and it would appear that Uncle Mirth wants revenge on those who had him committed to an insane asylum two years earlier. The survivors escape but Father Brown suspects that one of them may be in league with, or manipulating, Uncle Mirth for their own ends.

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