Fine Cut Winning Filmmakers Travel to the 70th Cannes International Film Festival

Episode 1, The Unknown

The 18th annual Fine Cut Festival of Films is a collection of short films from student and emerging filmmakers.  Over 3,000 shorts were received from 112 countries eligible for awards in the competition ranging from cutting-edge animation to the best in documentary cinema. All short films selected as finalists in the Fine Cut Film Festival will be included in a series of one-hour broadcast episodes set to begin airing, Wednesday, June 14 at 9 p.m.


From over 3,000 submissions, Fine Cut awarded three filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their film at The American Pavilion at the 70th Cannes International Film Festival. Filmmakers Bucher Almzain, Jeremias Bayerl, and Camille Fleury shared their travels with us through the short videos below:


Did Bucher Almzain find time to sleep in Cannes?

Bucher Almzain is the Fine Cut Festival of Films Viewer’s Choice winner.  He traveled to Cannes to have his film, “The Outcast”, screened with the American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at the Cannes Film Festival. This travelogue is Almzain’s view of his whirlwind time at Cannes, the people he met, food he ate, and the sites he visited.


How excited would you be if you found out you were going to Cannes?

Jeremias Bayerl got the surprise of his life when his producer informed him that he won a festival he never knew his film was entered in and that he would be going to the Cannes Film Festival as the prize. Bayerl’s film, “Door to Freedom” is the Fine Cut Festival of Films Student Filmmaker winner. Bayerl’s travelogue exudes the excitement of being a student at one of the most prestigious festivals in film.


A day in the life of Camille Fleury at Cannes.

Camille Fleury is the Fine Cut Festival of Films Emerging Filmmaker winner for her film, “Hide & Seek”. She received her winning notification while she was on set making her next film. Camille sent daily videos of her days at the Cannes Film festival to give everyone a quick taste of what it’s like to be among the most elite in their field.


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