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In the charming cooking and travel series "Flavor of Poland," host Aleksandra August meets chefs and home cooks from distinct regions of Poland. Throughout the series, Aleksandra explores the history, culture and culinary heritage of medieval cities like Krakow and Warsaw, visits an Olsztyn snail farm, learns to bake Toruń gingerbread and tastes the hearty food of Polish highlanders in the mountain city of Zakopane. She then returns to her kitchen to share recreations of new and traditional Polish dishes.

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One of the most colorful and breathtaking natural landscapes of Poland is found along its southern border. Nestled there at the foot of the majestic Tatra Mountain range is a region with a bold and vibrant culture, an equal match to its stunning natural surroundings. It's a place where food, history, song, dance and old customs are defined by a unique character that lives deep in the heart of its locals, while the surrounding nature beckons visitors to get lost in its endless expanse. What is this unique place?

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Pronounced “Kraków” in Polish, Cracow, the capital city of Lesser Poland Province, was previously the capital of Poland before Warsaw. Ukrainian, Jewish, Austrian, and Hungarian cultures blended with Polish traditions to create a unique mixture of flavors known as the Galician cuisine. Aleksandra uncovers the history of Poland’s old capital, offering the chance to sample the flavors of the various aspects of its past and present.

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Located in Mazovia region, Warsaw is the capital of Poland and its largest city. It is full of historic, cultural, and culinary riches, rooted in old-fashioned French influences as well as a rich Russian cuisine worthy of the tsars. Here, Poland’s modern culinary masters reach back into Poland’s national history and tradition to develop new tastes that shock and amaze.

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Rzeszów is the capital of the Subcarpathian region of Poland, an area of the country that abounds in forests and majestic nature. It's a true blend of various traditions, cultures, and flavors that rose out of the natural landscape. Aleksandra will take audiences on a tour of this region, crossing the forests of Rzeszów, Dubiecko Castle, trying the everyday dishes of the region as well as its upscale ones.

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