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In the charming cooking and travel series "Flavor of Poland," host Aleksandra August meets chefs and home cooks from distinct regions of Poland. Throughout the series, Aleksandra explores the history, culture and culinary heritage of medieval cities like Krakow and Warsaw, visits an Olsztyn snail farm, learns to bake Toruń gingerbread and tastes the hearty food of Polish highlanders in the mountain city of Zakopane. She then returns to her kitchen to share recreations of new and traditional Polish dishes.

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Flavor of Poland

Wroclaw, in a historic nutshell, was from the very beginning of its existence an object of desire. It's not surprising, thus, that throughout its past it was passed from hand to hand - from Czech to Polish to Hungarian, Austrian and German rule. The Walloons of Belgium settled here, alongside Jews, Italians and Ruthenians, their different nationalities, religions and cultures integrating with one another.

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Poznan, Gniezno

This may be one the most sentimental stops along our route! In this episode we visit the very birthplace of Poland - it is in the Greater Poland region and the cities of Poznań and Gniezno that the early events of the Polish State took place. Countless monuments, some reaching as far back as the 10th century, tell the story of the creation of Poland. Its earliest rulers and historical figures lay buried in the crypts of some of the nation's first cathedrals found here in this region.

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Torun, the capital of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian region of Poland boasts of many original Polish flavors. Its old recipes developed over many centuries are a real culinary treasure and one worth exploring. This capital of the central northern region of Poland is the birthplace of the world famous astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus as well as one of Poland's most iconic sweets - Torunskie Pierniki (the famous Toruń gingerbread)! Toruń is one of Poland's oldest cities.

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Kielce is a city in south central Poland surrounded by one of the most beautiful landscapes of Poland - its quaint countryside. In this episode we'll explore the history, culture and tastes of the region through the viewpoint of its old folk life. A visit to the Museum of the Kielce Countryside will allow us a deeper look into the old, daily life of the locals and give us a chance to sample its delicious homemade traditions - Kasiolki, Byki, Pasternocek, Spyrok, Zalewajka, Pokrzywianka...

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