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Silesia is historically the center of Poland's hard industry and there are certainly many rich traditions and hearty, homemade meals that were born out of this old way of life. Katowice is the bustling city capital of the region, offering visitors plenty of attractions to explore! The heart of an agglomeration over 2-million people it was once identified as a booming center of heavy industry and it is still recognized for its numerous mines, old ironworks and factories. It's cuisine both present and past, is inseparable from the industrial landscape of the area. The everyday work life of the locals gave birth to a warm and hearty menu, full of filling dishes, rich in flavor. The region, unlike many others in Poland, fiercely defends its local culinary heritage as recipes are passed on from generation to generation carefully preserved in their original form. In this episode, Aleksandra will dive deep into the region's industrial past with a visit to the Guido Mine in Zabrze (an old coal mine located nearly 1,000 feet beneath the surface of the earth!), a tour through the city center of Katowice, a visit to the old workers' neighborhood, Nikiszowiec (the birthplace of the region's cuisine!), and finish off with a meal at a couple of Katowice's modern restaurants which proudly uphold the region's old traditions.

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Located in Mazovia region, Warsaw is the capital of Poland and its largest city. It is full of historic, cultural, and culinary riches, rooted in old-fashioned French influences as well as a rich Russian cuisine worthy of the tsars. Here, Poland’s modern culinary masters reach back into Poland’s national history and tradition to develop new tastes that shock and amaze.

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Rzeszów is the capital of the Subcarpathian region of Poland, an area of the country that abounds in forests and majestic nature. It's a true blend of various traditions, cultures, and flavors that rose out of the natural landscape. Aleksandra will take audiences on a tour of this region, crossing the forests of Rzeszów, Dubiecko Castle, trying the everyday dishes of the region as well as its upscale ones.

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The Podlaskie region (also called “Podlasie” in Poland) is the most diverse province in Poland, producing a cuisine that combines simplicity, variety, and rich flavor. Aleksandra tours the city center of Białystok, visits Łomża, an open-air museum in Nowogród, and The Tykocin Synagogue, and finishes her tour with a trip to the countryside where, together with local experts, she bakes one of the region’s traditional cakes – Sękacz!

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