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Free Lunch Special Event: Savor Los Angeles - Pairings!

KCET's Free Lunch was invited to attend Savor Los Angeles, Pairings! It was the second time that Parallel Lines, a LA-based collective of creatives, produced this fashionable event. The occasion benefited CoachArt, a nonprofit organization that facilitates arts and athletic opportunities for thousands of chronically ill youth throughout Los Angeles.

The tasting event took place the evening of June 2nd at Siren Studios Orange in Hollywood and showcased food from some known restaurants as well as up-and-coming food entrepreneurs - you can find more in-depth information about the event on Savor Los Angeles' site. (I've also provided a list of all the food purveyors below.)


Our guest-critic for this event was commenter Bondit - aka Daryl Berg - who enjoyed himself so much that he practically took over the shoot. It was our first time covering an event like this for Free Lunch and having Daryl spontaneously pitch in with interviews helped to push our concept in a different direction. The end result: a five-minute video that captured the three-hour eating and mingling session that Mr. Berg enjoyed at Savor Los Angeles. Below you can see a few highlights of the food Daryl tried during the course of the evening.

I'd like to thank Mike Cruz for inviting KCET to attend Savor Los Angeles. It gave us an opportunity to try something different and to expand the Free Lunch concept. More importantly, it broadened the type of food related experience we can invite our commenters to, as well as, offer to everyone who visits our site.

What do you think about this Free Lunch special event? Would you like to see us covering more events? What kind of events would you like to attend?

Please post your comments below, and by doing so you'll become eligible to participate in Free Lunch. Also, if you have restaurant (or event) recommendations for us, please add them to this discussion.

SavorLA Participant Websites:

auntie fruf's aahsome fudge
Bangers & Smashed
Ben & Jerry's
Cast Iron Gourmet
The Farm of Beverly Hills
Màs Malo
Starry Kitchen
Zhena's Gypsy Tea

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