Eradicating Hunger

As the global population grows, the challenge to end hunger only deepens. The U.N. World Food Programme wants to wipe out global hunger by 2030. Can it be done? On this episode of "Full Frame," we look at some of the innovative, and perhaps a little unconventional, ideas for eradicating hunger around the world, once and for all.  

In 2012, five M.B.A. students began developing an idea to address food insecurity in the world’s urban slums: insect farming. Not only did their idea win the world’s most prestigious social enterprise competition, they beat out ten-thousand other competitors and were presented the one-million-dollar Hult Prize by former U.S. President, Bill Clinton. Since winning the award, two of the students, Mohammed Ashour and Gabe Mott launched Aspire Foods Group. It’s a social enterprise focused on farming edible insects. It has operations in Mexico, Ghana, and the United States. Compared to livestock, insects require far less resources to convert the same amount of protein; less farmland, less water, and emit far fewer greenhouse gases.

Mohammed Ashour and Gabe Mott join May Lee in the Los Angeles studio to share their vision of providing economically-challenged and malnourished populations with high-protein, sustainable food solutions.


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