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Gamer Girls

Video games are a cross-cultural phenomenon.

The industry generates more than $55 billion in global revenue annually. If that statistic doesn’t impress you, than how about this one: nearly 60% of all Americans play video games on a regular basis.

But is the industry promoting a dangerous culture of discrimination and bias?

Retired gamer Lilian Chen, also known as the nickname "Milktea" in the gaming world, started playing Super Smash Brothers Melee when she was just a kid. She liked it so much she decided to start competing. While just 17 years old, she became one of the few females traveling to competitions and conventions. Lilian Chen not only liked the competition, she liked the community, too.

Participating in competitive gaming provided Lilian with a whole new world -- one she embraced and appreciates to this day. But she hasn't been immune to the ugly side of the gaming world. She was disturbed by the online scrutiny and gender disparities. As much as she loved her community, she couldn't let the darker sides go unnoticed.

Although more than 50% of electronic gamers are women, they can still be treated as a minority and they face harassment. Lilian took on the problem head on with empathy.

Lilian Chen joins Mike Walter in the studio to explain why she decided to take a stand.

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