The Awesome Episode (Awesome Foundation Panel)

The word “awesome” has become an almost ubiquitous adjective for describing everything from the latest trending YouTube video to life-changing moments.

But some ideas are simply, well, just awesome.

From a public hammock, that can hold 15 people, to a cotton candy-shooting cannon, the Awesome Foundation is giving grants to awesome projects around the globe. With 83 chapters in 18 countries, this community-based organization gives “micro-grants” each month, for various projects, on a no-strings-attached basis. The ideas range from the scientific to the sublime. Because the awards are relatively small, the Foundation can take bigger risks and adapt more easily than larger charities.

Organizers call themselves “guerilla philanthropists” who have seen how small ideas can have a big impact. They believe these small ideas are what keep the world moving. By providing financial resources and recognition, they’re turning everyday people into citizen problem-solvers.

Mike Walter will be joined in the New York studio by two of the founders of the New York chapter of The Awesome Foundation, Jesse Chan-Norris and Lee-Sean Huang. Christina Xu, chancellor of The Institute on Higher Awesome Studies, will also be joining the discussion.

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