Sraddhalu Ranade at a beach sunset
Art and the Creative Spirit
What makes art sacred? Does the creative spirit lie within the artist, or is it channeled through the artist from some "higher power"? This episode of Global Spirit seeks answers to these and other questions by looking at various sacred art forms, and by engaging with artists who speak eloquently about the spiritual aspect of the creative process. The program presents the work and teachings of Buddhist artist and teacher Lama Lhanang Rinpoche as well as Pueblo Indian sculptor Estella Loretto. Visually engaging and emotionally uplifting, this Global Spirit episode imparts new insights and discoveries about sacred art and the creative spirit from spiritual traditions as distant and seemingly disconnected as Tibet and the American Southwest.

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In Search of Ecstasy

In this episode of Global Spirit, host Phil Cousineau explores the ecstatic state -- a global phenomenon found in all kinds of spiritual, religious, and wisdom traditions. Cousineau is joined by guests Sobonfu Somé, author and teacher of African spirituality, and Andrew Harvey, a British scholar specializing in the works and teachings of Jalaluddin Rumi.

  • 2016-09-01T19:00:00-07:00

The Interspiritual Dialogues with Father Thomas Keating

The Interfaith initiatives of the late twentieth century-the opening of dialogue and sharing of wisdom among leaders and practitioners of different religions -- have flowered into an exciting new possibility for spiritual exploration and expression. The late Wayne Teasdale coined the term "Interspirituality" to describe this new spiritual perspective, where beneath the diversity of theological beliefs, rites, and observances lies a deeper unity of experience that is our shared spiritual heritage.

  • 2016-09-08T19:00:00-07:00

The Art of Living & Dying

Our most basic understanding of life is in many ways determined by our understanding of death. While to some, death is an end in itself, to others it is the final test of faith in the existence of a God or of an afterlife. For still others, the process of dying is seen as the supreme transformative change agent. This Global Spirit program presents a powerful conversation between two dedicated spiritual leaders in the end-of-life movement.

  • 2016-09-15T19:00:00-07:00

The Search for God

This episode of "Global Spirit" explores the human needs that the concept of “God” addresses, as well as the various forms, names and expressions for God. Drawing from ancient and contemporary Talmudic, Christian and Islamic concepts of God, and extending to the atheistic renouncement of God as a mere creation of humans afraid of the finality of death, this episode probes the timeless human “yearning to know God,” and will illuminate some of the most compelling perspectives and practices, on the concept and reality of God.

  • 2016-09-22T19:00:00-07:00