Get to Know the Captivating Couples of 'Grand Hotel'

The Grand Hotel looks like the ideal romantic location for a couple to spend time together: it's set in the green countryside, above the ocean and has abundant gardens to stroll through. With so many people calling it home and many others walking in and out of its doors, cupid was meant to strike. But as many couples soon find out, The Grand Hotel is not always the best place for romance. 

Meet some of the intriguing couples from the Grand Hotel below.

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Julio and Alicia 

julio alicia
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Julio and Alicia meet when Julio goes to the hotel to visit his sister whom he hasn’t heard from. After arriving and finding out that she no longer works there, Julio infiltrates the hotel and starts working there as a waiter to figure out what happened. During a soiree, he disguises himself as a wealthy guest to get information from a woman who his sister allegedly stole jewelry from. During this event, he charms Alicia and as they share a cigarette outside. It can almost be said that it was love at first sight. 

It isn’t long until Alicia discovers Julio’s real identity and his reason for going to the hotel. After confronting him, Alicia starts to help him find clues into his sister's disappearance. As they search for evidence together and share chats in the corridors, Alicia and Julio become closer despite their opposite social classes (and the fact that Alicia is set to marry someone else!)

Alicia and Diego 

alicia diego

Alicia’s mother arranges for Alicia to get engaged to Diego Murquía, the conniving hotel manager who always gets his way and also happens to be Doña Teresa’s right-hand man.  Even though Alicia doesn't love him and is hesitant, she agrees because her mother makes her believe that it is the best thing for the Alarcóns and the hotel’s future. Diego is head over heels for Alicia — she, on the other hand, tries to find any excuse not to be close to him and avoids his approaches. Not only that, but she has already fallen for someone else. 

Sofía and Alfredo

sofia alfredo

Sofía, who is Alicia's sister, and her husband Alfredo are susceptible to her mother's commands and false promises, which puts a strain on their relationship. After a tragic fall, a pregnant Sofía miscarries. Following her mother’s orders and fearing that she won’t be able to produce an heir to her husband’s fortune and title, she makes everyone, including her husband, believe that she is still pregnant.

Alfredo is a marquis and is determined to one day take Diego’s position as a hotel manager. Even though Alfredo is part of the nobility, Doña Teresa and Diego see him as someone who could easily be manipulated. On top of that, Alfredo’s suspicious mother, Doña Elisa, who is not fond of Sofía, has made it her mission to try to break up the marriage. 

Andres and Belén 

andres belen


They say opposites attract and this is the case with Andres, Julio’s best friend, who falls deeply in love with Belén, one of the hotel’s maids. Andres is docile, genuine and caring while Belén is money hungry and has an agenda. Andres' mother and Belén's supervisor, Angela, wants Belén to stay away from her son and makes Belén's life miserable at the hotel. After Belén becomes pregnant by someone else, Andres promises to take care of her child as his own, so she doesn’t get fired. 

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