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Check here each week starting January 28 to see if you missed any episodes as Julio Olmedo continues his dramatic search for his sister Cristina at the luxurious Grand Hotel. Be sure to also see our top five reasons to watch this extraordinary series.

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The Maiden in the Pond 

Season 1 Episode 1

the maiden in the pond

Julio Olmedo travels to the Grand Hotel to visit his sister, who works there as a maid. He discovers that she is missing and begins investigating her disappearance.


The Anonymous 

Season 1 Episode 2

grand hotel

Julio finds Cristina's blood-soaked uniform disposed of by Diego, and he vows to Alicia that he must find out the truth. Sofia has to deal with the dire consequences of her fall, and a detective arrives to investigate the death of the prostitute. 

Gold Knife 

Season 1 Episode 3

gold knife

While Doña Sofia is put in front of the difficult choice of what child she will protect, Julio is closer than ever to finding out who killed his sister. 

Abandoned House

Season 1 Episode 4

grand hotel abandoned house


Alicia helps Julio gain access to Pascual's house where he finds Cristina's belongings, not realizing that someone has followed him. Alfredo and Diego's rivalry, Belén's pregnancy, and Javier's affairs keep the hotel in suspense.

Moon of Blood 

Season 1 Episode 5

moon of blood

 Having revealed Julio's true identity, Ayala surprisingly asks him to collaborate. When they realize they are dealing with a serial killer they team up with Alicia to try to prevent the next murder.

The Missing Jewel 

Season 1 Episode 6

the missing jewel

Wanted by the police, Julio lays low but reveals something new about Diego when he spots a guest wearing Cristina's pendant. Sofía thwarts her mother's plans to foster Belén's child, and Javier is challenged to a duel by an enraged father.

The Stolen Letter 

Season 1 Episode 7

the stolen letter

Julio learns that his sister's disappearance was due to a letter powerful enough to shatter the Grand Hotel. Incredulous of Julio's suspicions about the letter, Alicia threatens to go to Ayala's. 

The Blood of the Maiden 

Season 1 Episode 8

The Blood of the Maiden

His investigations is at a dead end, Julio asks Alicia to leave everything and run away with him. Alicia is ready to put her heart first for once. Andrés comes across surprising evidence despite Doña Teresa's efforts to keep it under wraps.

The Fingerprint 

Season 1 Episode 9

the fingerprint

Julio returns to the hotel to take revenge while trying to persuade Alicia not to marry Diego. Detective Ayala uses fingerprints from the murder weapon to identify the killer and the infamous letter falls into Belén's hands like a godsend. 

Lights and Shadows

Season 2 Episode 1

lights and shadows

Alicia and Diego return from their honeymoon. Julio asks for Alicia's help to find out who tried to electrocute Andres. Javier gets into trouble again and Belen goes into labor. Sofia's secret is in danger of being out.

A Cry in the Night  

Season 2 Episode 2

a cry in the night

Andres and Belen hide a secret with terrible consequences. Diego finally lays hands on the letter that can change everyone's lives. Alicia and Julio resume their friendship amid difficult circumstances.

The Secret 

Season 2 Episode 3

the secret

Alfredo receives bad news from his family. Javier accidentally infests the meal. Julio helps Alicia to uncover the truth about his father's last day.


Return to the Past 

Season 2, Episode 4

return to the past

Julio and Alicia visit the nunnery, where they discover the truth about Angela, while Sofia is arrested for murder. 



Season 2, Episode 5


Julio, still under arrest for murder, must face an unexpected witness from his past. Angela makes a shocking discovery, while Alfredo tries to raise money to pay the hotel's debts.


The Anniversary

Season 2, Episode 6

the anniversary

Javier was shot by Adriana's jealous husband. While caring for him, Andrés found his stolen morphine in the nightstand. Belén reveals to Diego that they had twins and threaten him to reveal that she is the real mother of Alejandro.


The Baptism 

Season 2, Episode 7

the baptism

Belén looks for her missing baby Juan in the village. Meanwhile Alfredo and Sofía baptize their son, unaware that baby Alejandro has a twin, who is in great danger.


Movie Projector

Season 2 Episode 8

movie projector



Alicia and Diego's wedding movie reveals some secrets. Julio and Alicia gets closer while looking for an hidden room in the hotel.



Season 2 Episode 9



Diego suspects Alicia's infidelity. During the masked ball, Alicia is blackmailed and Andres fears for his life.


Purpose of Amendment

Season 2 Episode 10

purpose of amendment

Isabel flees the hotel after having shot Garrido during the masked ball. Alicia covers for her and Alaya arrests her for murder.


The Kidnapping

Season 2 Episode 11

the kidnapping

A wounded Diego with high fever makes revelations to Alicia about his last discussion with her father. Javier is missing and they fear he might have been kidnapped.


Family Album 

Season 2 Episode 12

family album


Famous magician Harry Houdini gives a performance at the hotel, while former butler Benjamin returns. Alicia finds hidden photos revealing the true Alarcón family.


The Game of Appearances (Start watching online 6/24/18)

Season 2 Episode 13

game of appearances

Angela's secret is finally out. Sofía falls into Benjamin's trap and she is arrested as the golden knives killer. Alfredo is looking for evidences to clear her.

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