Top Five Reasons to Get Excited for New Period Drama 'Grand Hotel'

The Spanish period drama, "Grand Hotel," premiering on Sunday, January 28 at 10:00 p.m. on KCET, follows the life and secrets of the residents of an affluent hotel including the hotel's owners, the Alarcóns, and their employees.

The show starts off with Julio Olmedo, played by Yon González, arriving at the hotel in hopes of seeing his sister Cristina, an employee of the establishment. He becomes worried and suspicious when he finds out that she was let go. He starts working in the hotel as a waiter to gather information about his sister’s whereabouts and soon meets the owner's daughter, Alicia Alarcón, played by Amaia Salamanca. Alicia helps Julio find clues about his sister's disappearance and both uncover secrets that revolve around the hotel and Alicia’s own family.

Below are our top five reasons why you should watch "Grand Hotel" on KCET. 

1. A Tale of Forbidden Love 

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Julio Olmedo’s only goal is to find his sister, that is until he meets Alicia. To Alicia’s disapproval, her mother wants her to marry a man she does not love. While not overbearing or cheesy, the forbidden romance between the main characters has to overcome class differences, arranged marriages, and an endless range of mishaps.  

2. Gasp! Mystery is the Guest of Honor 

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Mysterious circumstances loom in every hallway and room of the hotel. The show starts off with the disappearance of Cristina Olmedo and the search for a knife-bearing serial killer. As the characters become engulfed in these mysteries, they also have to deal with an endless array of blackmailing individuals who threaten to expose their dirty laundry.

3. Celebrate a Show with a Strong Heroine

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Alicia Alarcón is good-hearted, independent and could care less about social classes. Unlike her mother and siblings, she follows her heart and does what she believes is right even if at times it means standing up to her family and traditions. 

4. Satisfy Your Thirst for Meticulous Period Pieces

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If you love period dramas, this show will satisfy that craving. The show is set in the early 1900s and was filmed at the Palacio de la Magdalena in the Northern coast of Spain. Many viewers have dubbed the show as the Spanish version of “Downton Abbey.” 

5. A Sharp Sense of Humor!

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Despite the crime and dramatic elements of the show, there are other characters like Andres, Julio’s right-hand man, who brings a taste of humor to the table. Goody-two-shoes Andres often finds himself putting his job on the line for his best friend. There is also a witty detective who is determined to solve the crimes revolving the hotel, even if the owner, Doña Teresa Alarcón, does everything in her power to stop him. 

"Grand Hotel" premieres on Sunday, January 28 at 10:00 p.m. on KCET and will be streaming on our website.

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