grand hotel

A compelling and suspenseful Spanish story of a family-owned hotel set in 1905. To learn the truth about his sister's mysterious disappearance, a young man infiltrates a hotel in the guise of a footman and begins an investigation.

"Grand Hotel" airs on Sundays at 10:00 p.m. on KCET and Mondays at 6:00 p.m. on Link TV.

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Abandoned House

Season 1 Episode 4

Alicia helps Julio gain access to Pascual's house where he finds Cristina's belongings, not realizing that someone has followed him. Alfredo and Diego's rivalry, Belén's pregnancy, and Javier's affairs keep the hotel in suspense.

  • 2018-02-21T15:30:00-08:00

Moon of Blood

Season 1 Episode 5

Having revealed Julio's true identity, Ayala surprisingly asks him to collaborate. When they realize they are dealing with a serial killer they team up with Alicia to try to prevent the next murder.

  • 2018-02-25T14:00:00-08:00
  • 2018-02-25T15:20:00-08:00
  • 2018-02-28T15:30:00-08:00

The Missing Jewel

Season 1 Episode 6

Wanted by the police, Julio lays low but reveals something new about Diego when he spots a guest wearing Cristina's pendant. Sofía thwarts her mother's plans to foster Belén's child, and Javier is challenged to a duel by an enraged father.

  • 2018-03-04T14:00:00-08:00
  • 2018-03-04T15:15:00-08:00
  • 2018-03-07T15:30:00-08:00

The Stolen Letter

Season 1 Episode 7

Overjoyed about the reunion with his sister, Julio learns from Cristina that her disappearance was due to a letter powerful enough to shatter the Grand Hotel. Incredulous of Cristina's accusations, Alicia threatens to go to Ayala's.

  • 2018-03-11T15:00:00-07:00
  • 2018-03-11T16:20:00-07:00
  • 2018-03-14T16:30:00-07:00