Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr

"Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr" is a show designed to inspire others to greater health and well being as we travel throughout beautiful locations of the world. "Happy Yoga" highlights the beauty of Mother Nature while opening student's minds and bodies through an energizing Vinyasa Yoga practice.

Tune in to see Sarah Starr in the KCET Studios during the broadcast and be sure to visit her website and YouTube channel.

Upcoming Airdates

Lace Meadow

Enjoy the peaceful summer meadow as we focus on a modified yoga practice using a chair for support. Including stretches to increase mobility in the shoulders while lengthening the spine in a full range of motion; combined with standing poses to create more strength and flexibility in the lower body.

  • 2018-10-19T23:30:00-07:00

Sunflower Glo

Bask in the golden sunflower glo as you enjoy a modified yoga session using a chair for support including; seated stretches to increase flexibility and mobility in the shoulders and upper back, and a standing sequence linking breath with movement designed to create more freedom in the hips and hamstrings while building strength, balance and focus.

  • 2018-10-26T23:30:00-07:00


Allow the powerful ocean energy to recharge your body as we explore an invigorating modified yoga practice using a chair for support. Including gentle sun salutations along with easy to follow yoga moves to stretch and lengthen the spine in a full range of motion, creating more ease in the back, shoulders and hips.

  • 2018-11-02T23:30:00-07:00


Rejuvenate amongst the spectacular desert bloom with a modified yoga practice using a chair for support. Including dynamic seated stretches to open the hips and improve range of motion in the spine along with a balance and strength standing sequence, incorporating gentle side bends to expand the breath, activate the core and bring overall spaciousness to the body.

  • 2018-11-09T22:30:00-08:00