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  • Huell Howser

Where's Huell? 10/8 - 10/14

Wondering what Huell is up to this week? This handy guide will help you follow his travels, providing info on areas he has spotlighted. This week: Huell visits the home (and farm) of two jojoba growers, makes friends with a goat named "Clementine," spends time at the resting place of Dorothy's Toto and more. (For more information on any video - as well as a chance to purchase them - you can always visit Huell at www.calgold.com).

Thursday - October 8, 2009; 7:30pm: Jojoba - Huell visits a jojoba farm in Eastern Riverside County, just outside of Joshua Tree National Park Wilderness.

Related: Mini-documentary on Joshua Tree National Park, complete with music and the origin of the tree's name.

Friday - Oct. 9, 2009; 7:30pm: Capitol Steps - Huell visits California’s Capitol Building and learns of the many “step” stories within this neo-classical gem.

Related: An amateur cinematographer provides us with this time-lapse video of the sun rising over the Capitol Building.

Saturday - October 10, 2009; 7:00pm: Anza-Borrego - Huell explores Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and the community of Borrego Springs. Later, he's off to Liesel’s Art Studio and French bistro, The French Corner.

Related: Compilation video of a guest's stay at the Borrego Valley Inn in Anza-Borrego. Visit the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park site and the Anza-Borrego Foundation website today to learn more.

Sunday - October 11, 2009; 7:30pm: Northeast Corner - Huell continues his journey to the far reaches of California as he locates the exact Northeast corner of our state and visits its nearby attractions.

Related: One of the treasures of California, Mt. Shasta's’ water is taken home as a memento by both children and grandparents alike.

Monday - October 12, 2009; 7:30pm: Discoveries - Huell goes in search of some of the state's more permanent residents in this episode of California's Gold. We'll see where some of TV & Film's most famous animals are resting in peace... with many of them not where you would think!

Related: An Angeleno bids farewell to his pet mantis with a Viking funeral on L.A. River, proof that even the smallest and eccentric of creatures can hold a special place in our hearts.

Wednesday - October 13, 2009; 7:30pm: Clementine the Goat - Huell goes on a journey to hear the story of “Clementine” and meet man who saved her.

Related: Every Sunday at the Farmer’s Market Petting Zoo in Studio City you can visit goats like Clementine alongside many other adorables.

Wednesday - October 14, 2009; 7:30pm: Trade Tech - Huell visits students at the Los Angeles Trade Tech College learning to become mechanics, beauticians and even chefs. You can watch the whole episode online at Huell’s Website.

Related: Not too long ago Senator Obama gave a speech to the students of Los Angeles Trade Tech College during his 2008 Presidential Campaign.

For more on California's parks, visit KCET's SoCal Parks blog. For more information on any video (as well as a chance to purchase them), you can always visit Huell at www.calgold.com.

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