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Wondering what Huell is up to this week? This handy guide to upcoming Huell episodes lets you follow his travels, while also providing additional info on the areas spotlighted. This week: Huell visited the home of America's Nobel winning playwright Eugene O'Neill, met up with Mary Kageyama Nomura, the "Songbird of Manzanar," checks out two new downtown L.A. restaurants La Cita and Bottega Louie's and much, much more. (For more information on any video - as well as a chance to purchase them - you can always visit Huell at www.calgold.com.)


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Thursday - October 1, 2009; 7:30pm: Eugene O’Neill - Huell visits the home of America's only Nobel Prize-winning playwright, Eugene O'Neill, in Danville, California.

Related: A clip from PBS's American Experience: Eugene O'Neill, featuring Christopher Plummer as James Tyrone in "Long Day's Journey Into Night." For more on O'Neill, visit the Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site and the Eugene O'Neill Foundation.



Friday - Oct. 2, 2009; 7:30pm: Songbird of Manzanar - Huell visits with Mary Kageyama Nomura known as the "Songbird of Manzanar" who performed at the infamous Japanese internment camp as a teenager.

Related: News reel footage from the War Relocation Authority about the internment of Japanese-Americans. For more information visit Visit the Manzanar National Historic Site and the Manzanar Mangrove Initiative. You can also watch Ken Burns' short film on Manzanar Untold Stories: Never Again.


Sunday - October 4, 2009; 7:00pm: Anza-Borrego - Huell explores the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, the largest state park in California.

Related: Compilation video of clips of a guests stay at the Borrego Valley Inn, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Visit the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park site and the Anza-Borrego Foundation website today to learn more about this amazing wilderness.


Monday - October 5, 2009; 7:30pm: Richmond - Huell visits the City of Richmond, north of Berkely on the East side of the San Francisco Bay.

Related: Video of a local hobbyist testing an aerial camera at Pt. Richmond. You can Visit the Point Richmond Farmers Market site today to learn more about community activities in Richmond.


Tuesday - October 6, 2009; 7:30pm: Movie Beach - Huell meets up with author Harry Medved and filmmaker Roger Corman at Leo Carrillo Beach, setting of the of many classic “B” pictures.

Related: A video tour by Steve Latshaw of two Leo Carrillo State Beach locations used in the 1968 Peter Sellers comedy, I Love You Alice B. Toklas.


Wednesday - October 7, 2009; 7:30pm: Discoveries - Huell spends an afternoon in downtown L.A. at Bottega Louie's, a new hot spot in the old Brooks Brothers building. Then at La Cita Bar, he visits a true downtown fixture famous for authentic ranchera music and dancing.


For more on California's parks, visit KCET's SoCal Parks blog.For more information on any video (as well as a chance to purchase them), you can always visit Huell at www.calgold.com.

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