Where's Huell 2/22 - 2/28

Another week, another chance to learn about California. This week, it's man versus nature as Huell visits some of California's natural wonders: Mt. San Jacinto, the Vernal Pools outside Sacramento, and Anza-Borrego State Park. To learn more about Huell you can always check out his website.

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Monday - February 22; 7:30pm: Mt. San Jacinto - The San Jacinto Mountains are one of the most impressive natural wonders in our entire state. No other mountains on this continent rise so high so fast - in slightly less than seven horizontal miles, the peak rises from 800 to 10,804 feet above sea level!

But these mountains hold another distinction as well. They are the site of two of the greatest engineering accomplishments ever attempted by man.

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Tuesday - February 23; 7:30pm: Orange Conservancy - A visit to The Inland Orange Conservancy in Redlands to learn about how a small grass roots organization is trying to connect local citrus farmers with people in the community who don’t want to see the last remnants of the citrus industry get bulldozed in the name of “progress”.

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Wednesday - February 24; 7:30pm: Vernal Pools - For years Huell has been getting letters telling him he should do a show on Vernal Pools, well, now he has. Just a short drive from Sacramento, on an old Military Base Huell meets up with a couple of experts, and a bunch of school kids all eager to explore the flora and fauna that live in and around these wonderful natural pools. As they go from pool to pool, Huell learns that even if they are only a few acres away, they can be a totally different world. Now, after all these years of wondering what these pools were, and saying "I don't even know what they look like," he finally does, and as always, your invited to join him as he finds out.

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Thursday - February 25; 7:30pm: Randsburg - Huell visits the historic and remote mining town of Randsburg.

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Friday - February 26; 7:30pm: Blind Library - Huell visits the Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic Los Angeles Unit in Hollywood and meets the volunteers who read books onto audio tape for the blind.

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Saturday - February 27; 7:00pm: Museums - Huell updates and combines two older shows. First up is The Grier Musser Museum which is a turn-of-the century historic Queen Anne house which displays fascinating antique collections. Then Huell stops in at the Historical Glass Museum in Redlands.

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Sunday - February 28; 7:00pm: Anza Borrego - On this desert adventure, Huell visits the Anza Borrego Desert State Park and the community of Borrego Springs. The Park is the largest state park in California, with five hundred miles of dirt roads, 12 wilderness areas and miles of hiking trails. Its one of the most beautiful places on earth. Huell then gets to know the locals in town and visits some wonderful businesses. He samples some goodies at the Fudge Factory and checks out some very unique art at Liesel’s Art Studio and has lunch at an unlikely French bistro, the French Corner. We finish our visit with the amazing sculptures of Ricardo Breceda who makes creatures from the past come alive with metal and a welding torch.

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