Where's Huell 2/5 - 2/14

From snow to sand. Huell checks out of cold California for some fun exploration in Palm Springs! On his journey he tours the estate of the famed American vocalist, Frank Sinatra; the hyper-modern style of the McCullough House; the historic Spanish architecture of the O'Donnell House; and a tour of the flora that fills our state's deserts. And be sure not to miss Thursday's Julius Shulman special, which promises to shed new light on this quintessential Californian photographer and his work.

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Friday - February 5; 7:30pm: Summer Ice - Huell samples some unique and tasty frozen specialties imported from Mexico and Singapore.

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Sunday - February 7; 7:00pm: Sinatra's House - Rarely open to the public this 1hr. tour of Frank’s Palm Springs private house, is a show you won’t forget.

Related: Huell takes a trip to the Palm Springs estate of Ol' Blue Eyes. And to start the Sinatra adventure off right, here's a classic from the great American crooner:

Monday - February 8; 7:30pm: Moorten Botanical Garden - An amazing cactus garden that’s been a Palm Springs attraction for three generations.

Related: Foliage in the desert? The Moorten Botanical Garden invites you to think twice about desert ecology:

Tuesday - February 9; 7:30pm: Blue Skies Trailer Park - Walk back in time as we visit this intact 1950s trailer park started by Bing Crosby and Jack Benny.

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Wednesday - February 10; 7:30pm: O'Donnell House - One of the originals, offering not only Spanish architecture, but amazing views.

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Thursday - February 11; 7:30pm: Electric House - Huell visits the automated McCullough House in Palm Springs.

Related: Not many places beat Palm Springs when it comes to innovative mid-twentieth century architecture:

Thursday - February 11; 8:30pm: Julius Shulman Special -.

Related: Julius Shulman discusses his work with KCET's Webstories:

Friday - February 12; 7:30pm: Tahquitz Canyon Update - An update from last year's show.

Related: Sadly, we do not yet have the technology to take a virtual dip in a virtual waterfall. A brief clip of the Tahquitz Falls:

Saturday - February 13; 7:00pm: In-N-Out Burger - Huell takes us on an hour-long California's Gold Special which looks at the history of In-N-Out Burger. This is the first time television cameras have ever been allowed to shoot inside a store. And this special also includes an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the In-N-Out Heaquarters in Baldwin Park where it all started back in 1948.

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