Where's Huell? 3/22 - 3/28

Huell Howser is not one to dwell on the unremarkable and let's face it, milking a cow is nothing remarkable. Milking camels, however — that is a conversation starter if ever there was one. Join Huell at Oasis Camel Dairy to find out why some have moved beyond the cow. For more information, you can always visit Huell's website.

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Monday - March 22, 7:30pm: Camel Dairy - Huell visits the Oasis Camel Dairy east of San Diego where he gets to milk a camel, plays with baby camels and learns about camel milk products.

Related: The milking doesn't start until Monday, but here's a chance to meet some of the camels that live at Oasis Camel Dairy:

Tuesday - March 23, 7:30pm: Salt - Many of us who have flown into San Francisco have noticed huge ponds filled with water that ranges in color from deep red to light pink. We decided that we just had to get to the bottom of this California mystery.

When we finally arrived at the "ponds" we found one of California's most unique agricultures. Salt and brine shrimp are what is responsible for our crimson ponds. 300,000 tons of salt a year to be exact. Salt has been harvested from these ponds since the Gold Rush and has been a very important part of our states history.

Related: A look at the pond restoration project happening in South Bay:

Wednesday - March 24; 7:30pm: Tallest Building - Huell visits the First Interstate building which is the tallest building west of the Mississippi (73 floors) and goes off the top with the window washers.

Related: A preview of tonight's show. Those of you who suffer from vertigo, play at your own risk:

Thursday - March 25, 7:30pm: South Yuba River State Park - Huell visits the south fork of the Yuba River. The area includes the longest single-span covered bridge in the world, four miles of the steep rugged canyon of the South Yuba River, and the Independence Trail — a wheelchair accessible trail. See water pouring over massive granite ledges, and historic toll crossings and bridges that tell a story of day-to-day life during the Gold Rush era.

Related: The many different personalities of the South Yuba River — from the white rapids to the still clear blue:

Friday - March 26; 7:30pm: Norconian Resort - In the mid 1920's, Rex B. Clark, an unmatched visionary of his time, accomplished the near impossible by constructing the world-class Norconian Resort in a remote area of Southern California.

The Norconian was an immediate success and frequented by the rich elite and Hollywood's finest. Unfortunately, the Club never made a nickel as the Stock Market crash and subsequent economic depression forced Clark to give up his dream after a ten year fight.

The story didn't end there. The fabulous resort was converted into one of the pre-eminent Naval Hospitals in the United States; a facility that treated survivors of Pearl Harbor and pioneered the use of Penicillin, the polio vaccine and state of the art rehabilitation techniques.

Subsequently, one of the finest Naval Weapons Testing sites in the Nation and the California Rehabilitation Center, the first state funded addict treatment center in the country, called the old resort home; adding to the Norconian's rich and fabulous history.

Huell travels to the site with Kevin Bash who is a filmmaker and historian to see this faded but beautiful structure in all its glory.

Related: Fantastic archival footage that spans the Norconian's long history:

Saturday - March 27, 7:00pm: Mobile America - In this nostalgic one-hour documentary, popular PBS host Huell Howser goes in search of the history of the RV in America. We start our adventure with David Woodworth, who is the preeminent collector of pre Second World War travel trailers, tent trailers, motor campers and just about anything having to do with early American camping.

Next it’s off to a vintage trailer rally, where fifty trailers dating from 1935 to 1960 have assembled to spend a weekend showing off their pride and joys.

The video is full of wonderful archival material from the era. Newsreels, company films, cartoons, film clips, home movies, personal photos and lots of great publicity material fill out this trip down memory lane. Whether you own an RV or just love American Pop culture, this film will satisfy the nostalgic in all of us.

Related: A montage paying homage to that vehicle that let's us hit the open road and come home who knows when:

Sunday - March 28, 7:00pm: Springtime in Death Valley - Leave it to our own Huell Howser to think he could go kayaking in Death Valley!

But it turns out that's exactly what he does as he travels to normally parched Death Valley National Park to kayak on the huge salt lake created by this year's heavy rains. Ancient Lake Manly at Badwater only reappears about every 100 years, so he figured he better go for it.

In addition to the lake, Huell also captures the bounty of endless fields of wildflowers, which covered Death Valley this spring.

It's all part of a one-hour special for everyone to enjoy as Huell shares with us this fine example of "California's Gold."

Related: Huell's long drive into Death Valley. Tune in Sunday for everything that happens once he gets out of the car:


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