Where's Huell 3/29 - 4/4

What's better than ice cream? Not much. And this week, Huell gets some of the best ice cream this state has to offer when he visits the famous Superior Dairy in Hanford. Superior indeed! For more information on Huell, you can visit Huell's website.

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Monday - March 29, 7:30pm: Rope Climbers - Huell featured a group of rope climbers in an early Videolog. He decides to join up with them again at the Los Angeles Valley College Gymnastic Center and find out if they’re still going strong.

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Tuesday - March 30, 7:30pm: Sleeping Outdoors - Join Huell as he meets two different couples who enjoy sleeping outside. Find out why and how they do it.

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Wednesday - March 31; 7:30pm: Surprises - Huell finds a wonderful French restaurant off an alley on 7th Street and also visits the newly restored Cole's - the other home of the French Dip!

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Thursday - April 1, 7:30pm: Backdrops - Join Huell as he literally gets a look at what is behind the scene when he visits Grosh Backdrops. They have been providing backgrounds to movies, TV shows, theaters and even school plays since 1932.

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Friday - April 2; 7:30pm: Rose Lady - Huell spends the day with Miriam, a.k.a. "The Rose Lady". For thirteen years she has picked a beautiful bunch of roses and taken them to her local post office. Her roses are exquisite and the people love her daily visits.

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Saturday - April 3, 7:00pm: Hanford - Hanford is a town that loves its history and knows how to show it off. Huell starts his adventure in the main town square that has a beautiful vintage carousel that is popular with tourists and locals alike. Then he’s off on a fire truck tour of downtown, to breakfast at Star Restaurant, coffee at Art Works, ice cream at Superior Dairy, a visit to the Fox Theatre, Carnegie Museum and Church of the Saviour and all of this on the first day! On day two, Huell is joined by Camille Wing from the Taoist Temple Preservation Society to give a tour of Hanford's historic China Alley and the Clark Center For Japanese Art & Culture. This adventure is full of wonderful history and friendly locals.

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Sunday - April 4, 7:00pm: Coachella Music Festival - This one hour Californias Gold Special is all about the world renowned Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio. Each spring, this annual three day event attracts over 160,000 music lovers from literally all over the world and we were invited to attend last years (2008) festivities for a behind the scenes look at how it all fits together. Boy did we have fun! Not only did we hear some amazing music and see some amazing artists creations we also experienced first hand the positive energy of this festival. This is a first class event in every way its well organized, well run and the people are all first rate. Its definitely a fine example of California's Gold.

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