Where's Huell 3/8 - 3/14

Most of us who have come across Huell in our travels know that he has quite a bit of height to him. But even Huell can't hold a candle to the tall Redwoods that populate northern California. This week, the Redwood National Park is just one of many amazing places on Huell visits.

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Monday - March 8; 7:30pm: Bike Race - Join Huell, the Los Angeles Wheelmen and other bicyclists as they climb Fargo Street in the Echo Park district of Los Angeles. Fargo Street is just 1/10 of a mile long, but it boasts a 33% grade, making this annual event a true test of endurance.

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Tuesday - March 9; 7:30pm: Whistling Champ - Huell visits with the Whistling Champ Carole Anne Kaufman at her salon, then stops in at her Mom's store - the Wizard of Bras... its a combo you won't want to miss.

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Wednesday - March 10; 7:30pm: Natural Wonders - Join Huell and hike to the world's tallest tree in Redwood National Park with a group of fifth graders from a nearby school; admire fields ablaze with golden color of California's official state flower, the Golden Poppy, at the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve in Lancaster; and climb to the top of magnificent Morro Rock for a beautiful view of Morro Bay.

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Thursday - March 11; 7:30pm: Chiriaco Summit - Situated 30 miles east of Indio, this popular stop for travelers and truckers who want to gas up, get a home cooked meal or browse for nic nacs is celebrating its 75th anniversary. Huell spends the day with the people who live and work in this desert outpost as they enjoy this milestone.

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Friday - March 12; 7:30pm: Persian Festival of Fire - Huell attends events in Southern California connected with the Iranian New Year's celebration.

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