Where's Huell 4/12 - 4/18

The green revolution has been going for some time in California. As energy issues continue to raise questions economically, politically, and environmentally, residents get creative on effective solutions. This week, Huell learns that green architecture can be more than solar panels. Check out what else Huell has been up to:

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Monday - April 12, 7:30pm: Zzyzx - Huell takes the Zzyzx off-ramp from the I-15 freeway and sees what this iconic exit is all about: from its early history as a Mineral Springs & Health Spa to its current incarnation as the Desert Studies Center.

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Tuesday - April 13, 7:30pm: Catalina Casino - The Catalina Casino has been the focal point of Santa Catalina since it opened over eighty years ago on May 29, 1929. Completely restored just a few years ago, the ballroom retains its original romantic style - with beautiful rose-hued walls, an arching, fifty-foot ceiling and five Tiffany chandeliers. Huell gets special tour of this California icon.

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Wednesday - April 14, 7:30pm: Sleeping Outdoors - Join Huell as he meets two different couples who enjoy sleeping outside. Find out why and how they do it.

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Thursday - April 15, 7:30pm: Animal Acres - A visit with actress Shelley Morrison (Rosario, Karen’s maid on “Will & Grace”) to Animal Acres, a facility caring for neglected and abused farm animals, in Acton.

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Friday - April 16, 7:30pm: Discoveries - Huell spends an afternoon in downtown L.A. at Bottega Louie’s, a new hot spot in the old Brooks Brothers building. Then at La Cita, he visits a true downtown fixture with its authentic ranchera music and dance.

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Saturday - April 17, 7:00pm: Ferndale - Join Huell and step back in time as he takes a Road Trip to Ferndale - an entire town that officially holds the distinction of being California Historic Landmark #883!

Among the many stops Huell sees some of the beautiful Victorian architecture, gets some refreshment at the westernmost bar in the continental USA, visits a historic pharmacy, a Gingerbread Mansion and meets all the wonderful people who live in the community.

After the Road Trip is over stay tuned for a bonus visit to Clendenen's Cider Works in Fortuna - home to some of the best fresh squeezed apple cider in the state!

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Sunday - April 18, 7:30pm: Straw Bale House - Natural building encompasses a wide range of building materials and methods that are also becoming options for all types of construction worldwide. Huell learns firsthand about one of these materials—straw bale—and how straw bale homes are making a comeback as people become more aware of their durability and efficient use of energy.

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