Where's Huell 4/5 - 4/11

This week Huell tours a town that is also a California Historic Landmark. Founded in 1852, Ferndale's well-preserved Victorian village serves as an escape from modernity. Check out what other California discoveries Huell makes this week. For more information about Huell, you can always visit his website.

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Monday - April 5, 7:30pm: Rain Bird - Huell explores the history of Rain Bird, a sprinkler manufacturer with a remarkable history beginning with a Glendora citrus farmer named Orton Englehart who invented the first impact sprinklers in the 1930s. Rain Bird also demonstrates their latest in sprinkler technology.

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Tuesday - April 6, 7:30pm: Dental Museum - The Orange County Dental Society has an impressive collection of vintage dental objects housed in its Dental Museum in Orange. Huell sees firsthand what a visit to the dentist might have been like decades ago as he examines display after display of chairs, tools and other devices. There are items dating back to the 19th century, and even a denture belonging to George Washington by some accounts.

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Wednesday - April 7, 7:30pm: Coit Tower - Coit Tower was built on top of Telegraph Hill in 1933 at the bequest of Lillie Hitchcock Coit to beautify the City of San Francisco; Lillie bequeathed one-third of her estate to the City of San Francisco "to be expended in an appropriate manner for the purpose of adding to the beauty of the city which I have always loved".

Huell spends the day exploring all aspects of this San Francisco landmark, including the beautiful murals that adorn the lobby with the descendants of one of the original artists.

Related: An informal tour of Coit Tower's historic mural City Life, painted by Victor Arnautoff, funded by the Department of Public Works:

Thursday - April 8, 7:30pm: Warthog Update - Huell updates one of his earliest VIDEOLOG episodes and goes back to the L.A. Zoo to see what happened to 'Little Huell' - they warthog they named after him all those years ago.After watching the old episode join Huell for a look at the new additions to the zoo - the Visayan Warty Pigs.

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Friday - April 9; 7:30pm: Headwaters Forest Reserve - Join Huell as he gets a tour of this historic and controversial piece of land... all 7500 acres of it! Located way up north by the town of Eureka, Huell sees some of the rusting remnants of Falk, CA an old logging town, and walks among 1000 year old growth Redwoods, and learns about the other flora and fauna that make this spot such a great piece of California's Gold!

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Sunday - April 11, 7:00pm: Ferndale - Join Huell and step back in time as he takes a Road Trip to Ferndale - an entire town that officially holds the distinction of being California Historic Landmark #883!

Among the many stops Huell sees some of the beautiful Victorian architecture, gets some refreshment at the westernmost bar in the continental USA, visits a historic pharmacy, a Gingerbread Mansion and meets all the wonderful people who live in the community.

After the Road Trip is over stay tuned for a bonus visit to Clendenen's Cider Works in Fortuna - home to some of the best fresh squeezed apple cider in the state!

Related: Take a virtual tour of Main Street with this comprehensive list of historic redwood storefronts. Historic sites not your thing? Ferndale also hosts the annual Emergency Vehicle Parade:


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