Where's Huell? (April 25-29)

This week: Olives, Turtles, Frick and more!

Monday - April 25th, 7:30pm: Chatsworth - Who knew Chatsworth had such history? Huell reveals this neighborhood's connection with Hollywood, its olive farmers and the northwest San Fernando Valley's oldest church.

Tuesday - April 26th, 7:30pm: Turtle Lady - A Santa Barbara residence turned turtle sanctuary. Over 300 hard shelled reptiles and counting.

Wednesday - April 27th, 7:30pm: Frick - Huell takes us to the desert to learn about some of the most eccentric tricks performed on ice from Frick (you know, of Frick and Frack fame).

Thursday - April 28th, 7:30pm: Baseball Sod - Sod: grass and soil held together by the roots. Baseball: "The glue that held a nation together." Join Huell as he meets the good folks at West Coast Turf and learns all about the grass they install at venues all over California.

Friday - April 29th, 7:30pm: Folk Music Center - Folk music in the south -- Southern California that is. Join Huell at one of the country's premier folk music destinations and get a personal tour by the family that still owns the center.

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