Where's Huell? (August 2 - August 8)

Muscles, onions, and locomotives. Huell Howser knows no bounds.

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Monday - July 26, 7:30pm: Vandenberg - It began back in 1941 when it was known as Camp Cooke and served as a U.S. Army training facility for tanks and infantry troops. With the advent of the missile age in the 1950s, the land was transferred to the U.S Air Force for use as a missile training base. The first missile was launched from this facility in 1958 and since then almost 2,000 missiles and space boosters have followed suit.

Located on our state's central coast near the town of Lompoc, Vandenberg AFB is not only the U.S. Air Force's third largest installation, but an important part of our state's and nation's space history.

In this episode of "California's Gold," host Huell Howser visits Vandenberg for a first-hand look at this huge base which covers over 98,000 acres and is literally filled with reminders and remnants of our space heritage.

Tuesday - August 3, 7:30pm: Tallyrand - Huell visits a California institution and digs into some very tasty food at the Tallyrand. This popular eatery got its start in 1959 when Al and Delores Thomas, with $5,000 in hand, opened a small coffee shop on Olive Avenue in Burbank. Last year marked their 50th anniversary and even local weathermen were compelled to salute this quality diner.

Wednesday - August 4, 7:30pm: Muscle Beach - It was one of the most famous addresses in the United States from 1934 to1959. It's not a house but a small plot of sand in Santa Monica, California.Muscle Beach started as a WPA project in 1934 and helped spawn the modernfitness movement that lives on today.

The original Muscle Beach was a plot of sand just south of Santa Monica Pier.In the beginning it wasn't about muscles, it was about fitness and fun. Men andwomen did somersaults and handstands, built human towers and threw each otheraround. Huell and Luis go back to the original plot of sand to visit with someof the men and women who made Muscle Beach their playground during its heyday. People aren't the only ones who care about muscles. Even cartoons stop by Muscle Beach to work on their physique.

Thursday - August 5, 7:30pm: Gills Onions - Huell visits the family run Gills Onions, which is not only the largest onion processing plant in California but its also the greenest. Each day they convert over 150 tons of onion peel and juice waste to power fuel cells on site that provide enough power to run the lights and refrigeration. It's not every day that one bulb powers another.

Friday - August 6, 7:30pm: Griffith Park Live Steamers - Huell goes to Griffith Park to enjoy a day of riding the rails with the Los Angeles Live Steamers. Founded in 1956 by train enthusiasts for the purpose of educating people in railroad history, the club operates 71/2" gauge model trains for the general public from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm every Sunday.


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