Where's Huell? (June 21-27)


A cemetery unlike any other, a ranch reserved for Hollywood, and pricey seashells. Typical California.

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Monday - June 21, 7:30pm: Forest Lawn - Join Huell as he visits one of L.A.'s best kept secrets — the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale. Almost a century ago the park was created by Dr. Hubert Eaton was determined to move away from the "depressing stoneyard" cemetery model. Forest Lawn would be "as unlike other cemeteries as sunshine is unlike darkness." And John Denver's upbeat Forest Lawn-inspired song about the memorial grounds is proof that Eaton succeeded.

Tuesday - June 22, 7:30pm: Ferguson's Shells - Huell's off to Ferguson's Marine Specialties in Wilmington, owned and operated by Ralph Ferguson and his daughter, Lupe. Once inside he is surrounded by beautiful seashells from all over the world. In this vintage Sesame Street stop-motion film, seashells do a "dance" on the sandy dance floor.

Wednesday - June 23, 7:30pm: Paramount Ranch - Huell looks back at sixty plus years of film history when he visits the Paramount Ranch. It has an stood in for a range of terrains: Tombstone, Arizona, Kansas, Montana, the dusty streets of Laredo, the Ozark Mountains, Tom Sawyer's Missouri, 13th century China, and colonial Salem. An impressive CV if ever there was one. No shots of Paramount in this video, but an excerpt of Mark Twain's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, compliments of BBC Audiobooks.

Thursday - June 24, 7:30pm: The Two Anns - Huell takes a trip to The French Garden in downtown Los Angeles, but this time he brings along two very special lunch dates: silver screen legends Ann Rutherford and Anne Jeffreys. Take some time to get familiar with one of the Anns. Here are clips from some of Ann Rutherford's most notable films.

Friday - June 25, 7:30pm: Glendale - Huell starts at Americana at Brand to see how property taxes helped to build the new Casa de la Amistad which is a 24-unit fully accessible, affordable apartment complex for individuals with developmental disabilities in Glendale. Casa de la Amistad (House of Friendship) is the 31st development project in United Cerebral Palsy’s history, and addresses the critical shortage of affordable, accessible housing in Los Angeles County for low-income individuals with developmental disabilities. The Americana provides another very important service. Water shows. Well, they might not be quite as important as affordable housing, but they're mighty pretty.

Saturday - June 26, 7:30pm: Mt. Wilson - Founded in December 1904 by George Ellery Hale, Mount Wilson Observatory would quickly rise to dominate astronomy worldwide. The Observatory hosts several of the most technologically advanced facilities in the world and is home to the 100-inch Hooker telescope. In this one-hour special, Huell spends the day at this magnificent location that is not only historic, but plays an important role in California’s scientific research. Just how impressive are the Observatory's telescopes? Very.

Sunday - June 27, 7:30pm: Fort Hunter Liggett - Huell visits Mission San Antonio, built in 1771, William Randolph Hearst’s 1931 Hacienda Ranch House, and Fort Hunter Liggett, a huge military facility of over 150,000 acres on a remote part of our state’s central coast. This time-lapse is subtle but shows shadows, shifting with the sunrise, on the mission's façade.

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