Where's Huell? (June 7-11)

From the Industrial Revolution to the Art Deco Movement, California has been touched by the economic, political and cultural shifts that have defined and redefined our country. Huell learns that our state's past is very much a part of our present.

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Monday - June 7, 7:30pm: Vernon Light and Power Update - Join Huell as he updates this 1997 episode which looks at the Vernon Light and Power Plant, which has provided the city of Vernon with power for over 60 years. This beautiful Art Deco building and it's five huge diesel motors rumble back to life after a long shutdown. Since its foudning, Vernon Light and Power has set-up shop in a beautiful art deco building. Perhaps this video rings true to how Vernon Light and Power operators answered the phones at the height of the art deco movement. Well, perhaps not.


Tuesday - June 8, 7:30pm: Desert Tower - The Desert View Tower stands 3,000 feet above sea level, three miles east of Jacumba in the Imperial Valley. The four-story, cut-stone structure was built in the 1920s by Bert Vaughn, who owned the town of Jacumba. The pre-highway trek to the Pacific Coast was arduous, so Vaughn thought it appropriate to commemorate the pioneers who struggled across the arid desert. Join Huell as he climbs to the top of the tower to see the spectacular views of the desert below. In this video, a biker doubles as tour guide as he takes us around the tower and its surroundings.

Wednesday - June 9, 7:30pm: Movie Nursery - Huell visits Jackson Shrub a family owen and operated nursery that has been supplying the movie and television industry with both live and artificial plants since 1937. And two years after its founding, Jackson Shrub dressed the backdrop of an American classic in green.


Thursday - June 10, 7:30pm: Yosemite Railroad - Join Huell as he takes an exciting 4-mile railroad excursion on Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad. Ride into history where powerful locomotives once hauled massive log trains through the Sierra mountains. Where mighty lumberjacks felled the timber and flumes carried lumber to the distant valley below. The Sierra National Forest's majestic woods provide the backdrop for the narrow gauge journey back in time. Can't make it to the Sierra National Forest? Hop on this virtual train ride.

Friday - June 11, 7:30pm: Discoveries - Huell spends an afternoon in downtown L.A. at Bottega Louie’s, a new hot spot in the old Brooks Brothers building. Then at La Cita, he visits a true downtown fixture with its authentic ranchera music and dance. Not just a bar, La Cita hosts a whole slew of events. Craving a figure drawing class featuring bikini-clad, gorilla-mask wearing models? Look no further. La Cita has you covered.


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