Where's Huell? (September 20-26)

Salmon celebrations, pot bellied pig races, and ice cream counters.

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Monday - September 20, 7:30pm: Amir's Garden - Once barren, but now planted with trees and shrubs, Amir's Garden in Griffith Park is an oasis. Here's an old Life & Times piece on park restoration:

Tuesday - September 21, 7:30pm: Salmon Festival - Huell attends the annual Return of the Salmon Festival in Shasta County to see huge numbers of fall Chinook Salmon coming up river to spawn.

Wednesday - September 22, 7:30pm: Marin County Fair - The Marin County Fair has made a huge effort to make a very small footprint on the environment.

Thursday - September 23, 7:30pm: Culver City - Huell visits the Culver City Historical Society Archives and Resource Center, which includes two MGM Costumes cases.

Friday - September 24, 7:30pm: Napa - Huell visits the small city of Napa, which is nestled in the heart of California’s world famous wine growing region.

Saturday - September 25, 7pm: Orchid Trail - The trail is located on California's central and southern coasts — a Mecca for orchid hobbyists in the early part of the 20th century.

Sunday - September 26, 7:30pm: Hanford - A fire truck tour of downtown, to breakfast at Star Restaurant, coffee at Art Works, ice cream at Superior Dairy, a tour of Hanford's historic China Alley and the Clark Center For Japanese Art & Culture.

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