Alaska: The Wilderness of the Volcanoes

David explores two of Alaska's vast national parks, Lake Clark and Katmai, each with a heritage of volcanic activity. Lake Clark is a wilderness of endless forests, marshes, glaciers, and recently active volcanoes, while nearby Katmai -- born of one of history's most violent explosions -- shows the aftermath of a cataclysmic eruption and how the rainforest and its inhabitants have recovered a century later.

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Day of the Dead: A Mexican Celebration

Many Native American groups in pre-Conquest Mexico celebrated one day each year when their deceased ancestors would return to visit them-El Dia de los Muertos. This ancient tradition has become the state of Oaxaca's most important celebration. Parades, home altars, and gaily-decorated graves welcome back the dead. The custom has spread throughout Mexico and even to Los Angeles and Tucson.

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In The Mouth of the Amazon

The Brazilian city of Belem at the mouth of the Amazon is a showcase of products from the great river basin. Now the famed acai berry is expanding Belem's reputation. Reclusive river people, called ribeirinhos harvest the berries by climbing the tall palms where they grow and rush the produce by boat to the port. There they trade for other goods, and quickly escape the city to return to their tranquil, timeless lives at the edge of the world's greatest river. Host David Yetman takes us through Belem and visits the homes of the river people.

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The Pride of Guatemala: Tikal of the Mayas

Over two thousand years ago Mayas undertook construction of a city deep within the jungles of the Peten region of Guatemala. For over a thousand years the city of Tikal dominated the countryside and the region with its towering temples, affluent society, and hosts of scientists, engineers, and craftsmen. Host David Yetman accompanies archaeologists who explain the unfolding story of Tikal as new discoveries emerge a daily basis. Yetman visits new excavations within the temples and joins a festival at the home of Maya descendants who live not far away from the ancient site.

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The Working Coast of British Columbia

The Georgia Straits of coastal British Columbia, Canada are dotted with hundreds of islands. This is lumber and fishing county nearly free of roads. One cargo ship delivers heavy equipment and supplies to remote camps, and takes on passengers to view the wild beauty of the straits and inlets, with towering peaks and glaciers overlooking the sea.

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