Whistles in the Mist: Whistled Speech in Oaxaca

The Chinantecan people of mountainous northern Oaxaca, Mexico communicate by whistling as well as by talking. David visits their isolated community and sees for himself how they use whistled speech to supplement -- and sometimes replace -- spoken speech.

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Brazil's Land of Sand

Vast sand dunes, some of them the size of small mountains, line long stretches of Brazil's northeast coast. Their color, shape, and composition, and their relationship with wind, provide a striking variety of landscapes, each with its own ecological character.

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Heart of the Wilderness: Wyoming's Wind River Rang

The Wind River Range in western Wyoming is the state's largest mountain range, nearly one hundred miles from north to south. With dozes of massive peaks, it is also home to the wildest country in the lower 48 states. Much of it is protected in wilderness, which David and his team commemorate on the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Wilderness Act of 1964.

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Lake Superior: Circling The Sweet Water Ocean

Straddling the U.S.-Canadian border, the largest lake in the world supports thousands of residents along its forested shores. Its icy waters also harbor a remote national park, Isle Royale. David learns about the vibrant indigenous cultures that lived there long before the arrival of Europeans.

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From Vaquejada to Jangada: Into Rural Ceara, Brazil

A small state in Brazil's dry northeast, Ceara is home to a variety of traditions not found in the rest of the vast country. The inland bush, called the sertao, is home to cowboys and and odd rodeo, while the coast supports fisherman whose wooden boats are little changed over the last several centuries. Ceara is home to Brazil's most important religious shrine, its last lace-weavers, and a startling array of tropical fruits.

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Nicaragua: Land of the Shaking Earth Emerges

For 200 years, Nicaragua endured both earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, military and political interventions. Today, a democratic Nicaragua promotes its diversity of cultures, Spanish colonial heritage, and natural wonders, including its lakes, forests, and volcanoes. Miskito Indians from the Caribbean coast and the descendants of Aztecs still flourish within the country.

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Bogota to the Amazaon: A Trip Across Columbia

From the urban capital city of Bogota and its famous cicolvia dedicated to bicycles, this sprawling nation offers an unexpected variety of cultures and urban landscapes. David and his team hop from the mountains to the extreme southern tip of the country to see wildlife and to visit indigenous villages of the people who live in the heart of the Amazon jungle.

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Pernambuco: Brazil's Other Carnival

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The megapolis of Recife, Brazil's fifth largest city, lies within the state of Pernambuco. Recife's carnival, along with celebrations in its colonial suburb Olinda and in the cities of Bezerros and Nazarene da Mata, features a flamboyant, joyous, boisterous week of elaborate parades, dances, and costumes.

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