Watch 'In the Americas' -- 'Peru: People of the Altiplano'

"Peru: People of the Altiplano" will be available online until April 6, 2016.

Plot synopsis:

Indians outnumber non-Indians in the Peruvian highlands. Many of them, in cities such as Ayacucho, Huancavelica and Huancayo, and hosts of villages, continue to farm and produce handicrafts much as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago. Now they use cell phones and the Internet, but their native dress and languages, and their nearness to the soil help them maintain their identity as a people apart.

Photo: Thomas Quine/Flickr/Creative Commons License

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Havana: Cultural Treasure House of the Caribbean

Havana, Cuba's capital city is home to a prodigious wealth of colonial and nineteenth century architectural masterpieces. These are slowly and painstakingly emerging from neglect brought on by the U.S. economic blockade. Havana's harbor and the city's Revolutionary Square provide ideal backdrops for understanding Cuba from the late 1950s to the present, why it so appealed to Ernest Hemingway, why its fabled fifties-era taxis are still running, how African roots influence the city's culture, and why even now it is a mecca for international tourists.

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Galapagos: Volcanoes and Nature on the Islands

Volcanoes created the Galapagos Islands and made life possible they, and they continue to create and destroy. The islands force cold water to the surface and with it wildlife in profusion, while their isolation makes a showcase for evolution in action. Nowhere else in the world is such a living laboratory, including a study between the demands of expanding human populations and limited resources.

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Day of the Dead: A Mexican Celebration

Many Native American groups in pre-Conquest Mexico celebrated one day each year when their deceased ancestors would return to visit them-El Dia de los Muertos. This ancient tradition has become the state of Oaxaca's most important celebration. Parades, home altars, and gaily-decorated graves welcome back the dead. The custom has spread throughout Mexico and even to Los Angeles and Tucson.

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In The Mouth of the Amazon

The Brazilian city of Belem at the mouth of the Amazon is a showcase of products from the great river basin. Now the famed acai berry is expanding Belem's reputation. Reclusive river people, called ribeirinhos harvest the berries by climbing the tall palms where they grow and rush the produce by boat to the port. There they trade for other goods, and quickly escape the city to return to their tranquil, timeless lives at the edge of the world's greatest river. Host David Yetman takes us through Belem and visits the homes of the river people.

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The Pride of Guatemala: Tikal of the Mayas

Over two thousand years ago Mayas undertook construction of a city deep within the jungles of the Peten region of Guatemala. For over a thousand years the city of Tikal dominated the countryside and the region with its towering temples, affluent society, and hosts of scientists, engineers, and craftsmen. Host David Yetman accompanies archaeologists who explain the unfolding story of Tikal as new discoveries emerge a daily basis. Yetman visits new excavations within the temples and joins a festival at the home of Maya descendants who live not far away from the ancient site.

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