Host Jamie Oliver sits with an assortment of ingredients. | From "Jamie's Ultimate Veg"

Tomato Risotto, Spinach Pancakes, Summer Veg Blanket Pie

Jamie celebrates beautiful veg in an oozy risotto with amazing roasted tomato; elegant, classy and seriously tasty. His travels around the world take him to the ancient city of Jerusalem, just in time for breakfast. Beginning the day with a nutritious veg pack plate of goodness inspires Jamie to rustle up a new breakfast classic guaranteed to knock your socks off - pancakes supercharged with spinach, cheese and chilli. Back in the UK Jamie's turning into a student, attending a cookery class with a healthy veg only twist. To help you get more veg in your life, Jamie lets us in on a recipe packed with so much of the good stuff it'll leave you speechless - a no holds barred Summer veg pie bursting with flavour and goodness with a filo pastry crunch.

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