janet king a song of experience

A Song of Experience

Senior Prosecutor Janet King returns to the Department of Public Prosecutions following maternity leave. She fails to get suspected sexual predator Alex Mareno convicted, so she throws herself into a case involving high ranking police officer, Steven Blakely, who has been charged with the assisted suicide of his wife.

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Season 1, Episode 6

Janet is convinced Moreno was involved in the bombing but no evidence can be found. Blakely's daughter Maya reveals she was abused as a child by Keith Nelson, a family friend; Owen and Lina get him committed to trial but Maya is reluctant to give evidence. Janet and Richard investigate Judge Renmark, who acquitted Moreno and is currently investigating Janet and Erin; Rizzoli suspects he was in the pay of organised crime.

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An Achilles Heel

Renmark is found dead after a fall from a multi-story car park, and a USB stick full of child pornography, similar to one Nelson had, is found in his house. Lina tells Andy about her apparent infertility. Richard tells Andy and Janet that Owen knew about Richard's investigation into the history of Renmark's judgements, and Tony discovers that he spread the story about Janet and Erin to the press. Tony convinces Maya to testify but Owen fails to cut a deal with David Sinclair. Drew claims in court that it was Blakely who abused them.

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The Greatest Good

Drew is exposed as Blakely's murderer, Danny Novak is arrested for the murder of Orianna Vasilich and Nelson is found guilty. Moreno confesses to taking the photographs and offers information in exchange for Ruby's name being left out of it. Drew states that Blakely was behind the ring and Renmark behind the car bomb. However, Janet realises Rizzoli was behind both, as well as Renmark's murder: He was using the ring to control high ranking officials and ensure convictions. When Janet refuses to keep quiet, he commits suicide.

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The Invisible Wound

Season 2, Episode 1

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Here and Now

The Commission feels that the Nabekhts know more about the shooting than they are letting on. Susie, who is married to Elaheh's brother Amil, turns out to be the sister of Allman's friend Karen. Keisha contacts Richard for help and makes a statement about the money. Janet has personal trouble with Ash's sister Deborah, who has been unable to conceive and wishes to use an embryo of Ash's that was never used. CCTV footage shows that Todd stole something from Boccaro's car but when Janet and Owen talk to him he admits it.

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In Plain Sight

Season 2: Episode 3

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