janet king achilles heel

An Achilles Heel

Renmark is found dead after a fall from a multi-story car park, and a USB stick full of child pornography, similar to one Nelson had, is found in his house. Lina tells Andy about her apparent infertility. Richard tells Andy and Janet that Owen knew about Richard's investigation into the history of Renmark's judgements, and Tony discovers that he spread the story about Janet and Erin to the press. Tony convinces Maya to testify but Owen fails to cut a deal with David Sinclair. Drew claims in court that it was Blakely who abused them.

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The Heart of It

Janet interviews Hamilton and Robbie and realises Jane Carter killed Todd with a plastic gun that Hamilton gave Robbie, believing he was Hamilton. Lincoln encourages Janet to resign prior to the SCC investigation. Boccaro, who has used a damaging press report to convince Lincoln to give him the leisure centre contract, tells Owen and Heather that Brett and Todd may have sold what they stole from his car to Bao Lang. The Commission interview Lang but fail to get a DNA sample. Janet and Bianca have sex. Deborah's appeal is rejected and she admits she spoke to the SCC.

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The Long Goodbye

Janet and Owen use a micro-camera to get footage of Boccaro selling the handguns to a biker gang. Tony convinces Embry to drop the SCC investigation and Boccaro is arrested. Lincoln is forced to resign when it is revealed Boccaro paid him millions of dollars, ostensibly for a tea set but more likely a bribe for the land deal. Boccaro indicates that he loaned the gun to Ashley's killer, who is now going to kill Janet. Janet and Bianca learn the killer was someone genetically male but outwardly female and suspect Heather, whose nephew Janet sent to jail on an apparently false rape charge.

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A Song of Experience

Senior Prosecutor Janet King returns to the Department of Public Prosecutions following maternity leave. She fails to get suspected sexual predator Alex Mareno convicted, so she throws herself into a case involving high ranking police officer, Steven Blakely, who has been charged with the assisted suicide of his wife.

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Every Contact Leaves A Trace

Janet feels guilty when Blakely is found dead of an apparent suicide. However, Detective Campbell believes that Blakely was murdered by Dianne Vaslich, a woman who was angry with Blakely for covering up her daughter's murder. Meanwhile, Erin and Owen become involved with a biker murder that ends with their witness being killed in a drive-by shooting.

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Natural Justice

Owen takes on the case of Zabina's murder and the police soon identify the two bikers responsible, Franzen and Collard. Janet goes for a murder conviction when Blakely's blood is found on Dianne's coat but she claims she merely found him injured. Franzen offers to testify that Dianne tried to pay him to beat information out of Blakely, in return for immunity from prosecution. Collard's confession is ruled inadmissible and Erin's testimony is torn to shreds. Dianne and her son are found guilty but then Blakely's body is found far away from where they supposedly dumped it.

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