the greatest good
Janet King: The Greatest Good

The Greatest Good

Drew is exposed as Blakely's murderer, Danny Novak is arrested for the murder of Orianna Vasilich and Nelson is found guilty. Moreno confesses to taking the photographs and offers information in exchange for Ruby's name being left out of it. Drew states that Blakely was behind the ring and Renmark behind the car bomb. However, Janet realises Rizzoli was behind both, as well as Renmark's murder: He was using the ring to control high ranking officials and ensure convictions. When Janet refuses to keep quiet, he commits suicide. Gail increases the DPP's budget in return for keeping quiet about his involvement and the other members of the ring are arrested.

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The Thaw

Season 2, Episode 6

  • 2017-12-14T14:00:00-08:00

The Heart of It

Season 2, Episode 7

  • 2017-12-21T14:00:00-08:00

The Long Goodbye

Season 2, Episode 8

  • 2017-12-28T14:00:00-08:00

A Song of Experience

Senior Prosecutor Janet King returns to the Department of Public Prosecutions following maternity leave. She fails to get suspected sexual predator Alex Mareno convicted, so she throws herself into a case involving high ranking police officer, Steven Blakely, who has been charged with the assisted suicide of his wife.

  • 2018-01-04T14:00:00-08:00