the invisible wound

The Invisible Wound

Season 2, Episode 1

The murder of Todd Wilson is the latest in over a dozen committed with illegal handguns in the last 15 months and Attorney General Lincoln Priest assigns Janet to a Royal Commission to investigate the crimes; Owen, Richard, Lina and Andy are assigned to assist her. Janet is also dealing with Ash's murder by a still-unknown gunman two years previously and running an inquest into the suicide of Corporal Allman, a soldier with PTSD. The police are interested in George Healy, a small-time drug user who was involved in a car crash near Todd's murder, and Janet's new assistant Heather O'Connor helps Andy arrest him. Richard visits Keisha Gibson, who was with Todd when he was killed, and sees a bag of blood-stained money in her room; Janet and the others suspect she is going to meet someone to split it and decide to keep her under surveillance. Janet is visiting Todd's widow Elaheh and her family to give her an expensive bracelet he bought her when someone shoots through the window.

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In Plain Sight

Season 2: Episode 3

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The Smoking Gun

Season 2, Episode 4

Karen admits to Janet and Owen that Todd stole Hamilton's credit card details, and Richard and Lina learn Todd bought and sold the Ferrari using Hamilton's identity. Janet asks Tim to support her position but instead he puts in a request that the embryo be destroyed. Richard nearly blows Bianca's cover when he unknowingly takes Keisha on a date to the bar where she is meeting Felix. Owen learns Hamilton is importing a crate and he, Janet, Andy and Richard raid it to find fridges stuffed with handguns.

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