Safari 101

All the essentials for going on and having a successful safari are covered before Bill gets a very special challenge - find at least half of the Big Twelve in one safari drive. Four hours and six very special animals - can he do it using his own rules for a successful safari?

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Victoria Falls - The Land That Thunders

The greatest waterfalls in the world-Victoria Falls-literally creates the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Bill explores the people, wildlife and scenic wonder that makes this one of the most exciting destinations on earth.

  • 2017-11-24T22:00:00-08:00

The North Cape - The Great Bloom

Once a year in good rain years, the deserts of South Africa explode in color. This is the greatest flower bloom in the world. Bill ventures into the desert to experience this first hand and to film the rare animals that call this arid land home.

  • 2017-12-01T22:00:00-08:00

Durban - Land of Gandhi

Few people know that Gandhi got his political activist start in South Africa. This is where Asia meets Africa in one of the most diverse cities in the world. Here Bill mixes it up with people of European, Far Eastern and Indian decent as well as the local Zulus.

  • 2017-12-08T22:00:00-08:00

Hluhluwe - Rhino Central

At one time the total Southern African and for the most park, all of Africa's black and white rhino population was found in one large forgotten South African park-Hluhluwe. Bill investigates how this park and its Big 12 diversity has saved rhinos for the world.

  • 2017-12-15T22:00:00-08:00