Serengeti: The Great Migration

One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World - all other great wilderness areas are compared to this vast savannah. Wildlife numbers are awesome, but nothing like the numbers of the great migration We'll put you in the midst of the natural phenomenon where predator and prey are on the march for survival.

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Nairobi: The Enchanted City

Nairobi is the capital of Kenya and one of the most fascinating cities in Africa. On our visit we'll see the colonial architecture ofa bygone era and the ultra-modern side of town as well. We'll learn the truth behind the Out of Africa story and Bill comes eye to eye with some endangered giraffes.

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Mombassa: The Center of It All

Gold, ivory and slaves drove the economy of the East Coast of Africa 500 years ago. Join us as we explore the Portuguese and Arab roles in these horrific trade schemes. We'll also investigate the pristine waters off the coast of the nearby National Park. Here Bill dons a snorkel mask and comes face to face with the creatures of the coral reef.

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Tarangire: Land of the Elephant

This is the land of the elephant and did that prove itself true. Large herds of pachyderms roam this marshy park putting on a show for whoever wants to watch. But that's not the only big boys in this park buffalo, lion and a host of hoofed game make this a wonder to behold.

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Arusha/Manyara: Hidden Wonders of the North

The Great Rift Valley is actually where the continent of Africa is literally tearing itself apart. That geologic phenomenon has created two very distinct national parks within an easy drive of one another. One, a rainforest full of colorful birds and strange monkeys and the other, a large lake centered on a vast plain. Two eco-zones, double the wildlife.

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Kilwa: The Swahili King of the Indian Ocean

This ancient ruined city, lost to history, was one of the most powerful in the world during its prime. The architectural sophistication and sheer size will amaze you. Then Bill heads out to the deep ocean for some big game fishing. Will he land the big one or return empty handed?

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Dar Es Salaam/Tanga: Countdown to History

To this day sisal, a rope making fiber plant is a mainstay of the economy. We'll tour the capital city of Tanzania and its diverse religious institutions before heading into sisal country. We'll learn about the German influences and the seldom heard story of Livingston's final trip across Africa.

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The Man-Eaters of Tsavo

Featured in films and documentaries, the mane-less lions of Tsavo have a fierce reputation - man-eaters. We go on a photo hunt for these legendary beasts of the bush. In the process, we witness the raw power of the ghosts of the dark.

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Saadani: Where The Land Meets The Sea

Here is one of the few national parks in Africa where the bush meets the ocean. The big game of Africa face off with the creatures of the deep. Bill goes a little rogue for supper and tries his hand at surf netting prawns after spending a day looking for the elusive elephants of Saadani.

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Mikumi: The Gateway to the Southern Circuit

If there ever was a lost wildlife gem, it would be Mikumi. Here many of the big Twelve live their lives against the backdrop of one of the most scenic parks in Africa. Bill takes a break from the wildlife safari to investigate the huge salt works at the edge of the park and how it may impact future conservation.

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