Magical Mezze Amidst The Moonlight

Mezze is internationally known all over the world as one of the most distinctive and delicious display of dishes to delve into originating right from Lebanon and the Middle East. In today's show Julie is making her mezze magical with an evening set amidst the moonlight of scrumptious small plates presented on a table as far as the eye can see for you and for her loving Lebanese family that Julie is entertaining throughout this socially-inspired show. Traditionally, the mezze can offer upwards of forty to fifty different types of hot and cold small plates, and today, Julie opts to prepare and present some of the most popular and perhaps some of the most famous small plates among the mezze made perfectly for passing around the table with family and friends. This enchanting evening starts off with Julie's heavenly hummus a classic and creamy chickpea and sesame seed spread that is a surefire staple at any mezze table which Julie clearly teaches you how to make her fool-proof recipe; followed by Julie introducing you to its close counterpart, being her blissful baba ghanouj, a rich and robust roasted eggplant dip that is as delicious as its catchy name. Finally, a newcomer to the mix, is Julie's spicy and smoky roasted red pepper and walnut spread called "mouhamarah" making up a magical trio of tempting tastes and textures that will tickle your taste buds all evening long. This alluring array of appealing appetizers are sure to become festive favorites for your next get-together. Julie makes her mezze accessible, affordable and most of all achievable for you to successfully make her recipes for your family and friends. Julie Taboulie's magical mezze served under the twinkling stars and served upon a traditional Lebanese table sets the scene that will surely inspire you to host your next social party.

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Fish, Spice & Everything Nice

Fresh, flaky and fabulous fish from the famous Finger Lakes region is the catch of the day on today's show. Resembling fingers in pattern, the famous Finger Lakes region is widely known for their stunning and scenic sights, award-winning wineries, and hosting a fabulous feast of fresh water fish. What better way to represent this rich region than by Julie sharing one of her special Lebanese fish dishes inspired by the Finger Lakes simply called samak harrah.

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Spring Sensations

Today's show is a special celebration of Julie's favorite season of all, the spring. There is something about this time of year that puts a smile on Julie's face and a little spring in her step (ahem) and in her cooking. This full-of-life moment of breathing in the refreshing new air, absorbing the new signs of life all around her and awakening to the sudden surprises that the springtime offers inspires Julie to cook, create and celebrate this sensational season.

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My Love Letter to Lebanon

Julie Taboulie believes that "one dream can the light the world" and her dream to light the world is acting as an ambassador for Lebanese cuisine, culture and customs in America. This selfless mission has been Julie's journey and lifelong work to spread the light and to spread the love of showcasing, spotlighting and most of all sharing her authentic recipes, special stories, gracious and generous nature by which she warmly welcomes audiences across America into the heart of her home in her Lebanese kitchen.

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Lebanese Sweets for the Holiday Season

Special seasonal sweets straight from Lebanon and the Middle East always signify the holiday season for Julie as she warmly welcomes you into her home for the holiday season. Ever since Julie was a little girl she grew up to the sights, sounds and smells of fragrant orange blossom water, floral rose water and the warm aroma of baklawa baking away by her beautiful mother. Today's show Julie is masterfully making and baking some of the most famous sweets and some of her personal favorites for the holiday season.

  • 2017-11-16T03:00:00-08:00