A scene from The Caine Mutiny

The Caine Mutiny

Humphrey Bogart stars as Lt. Commander Philip Francis Queeg, a Navy veteran assigned command of the U.S.S. Caine. Queeg's no-nonsense demeanor quickly rankles his men and, when they sense that he may be unstable, Lt. Tom Keefer (Fred MacMurray) begins planting seeds of suspicion regarding the new captain's sanity. Once it's clear that Queeg is incapable of running the ship, First Officer Lt. Steve Maryk (Van Johnson) assumes command - a decision that forces him and another Caine officer to face trial for mutiny. Initially sympathizing with Maryk's predicament, Lt. Barney Greenwald (Jose Ferrer) agrees to defend him during the court martial. But after Keefer denies having any role in the mutiny, a reluctant Greenwald must then relentlessly go after Queeg on the witness stand. (1954)

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