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Ch 5: Watts Action

There are 1.5 million food insecure people in Los Angeles County. Many communities of color and low-income communities often have to choose between putting healthy food on the table or paying the rent. In food deserts, such as Watts, the prices of healthy foods actually becomes more expensive especially when compared to the boxed, packaged goods that often contribute to diabetes or hypertension in the community. 

Amid this growing disparity of food access, viewers learn more about the agricultural past of Watts, which now the densest neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles. They learn about founder Ted Watkins and the 52-year old organization  he founded, Watts Labor Community Action Committee. WLCAC is working to address food access in the neighborhood. Viewers will also imagine the future of Watts when “Mudtown Farms,” a project of WLCAC, realizes its goal of being an urban agricultural center. The 2.5 acre plot of land where the community can grow healthy, nutritious food for the community. 

Clare Fox, Executive Director of Los Angeles Food Policy Council, and urban planner Jonathan F.P. Rose, Ph.D share the plight of some communities in Los Angeles because of this growing disparity of food access and how food organizations all along the food chain are working together to address these problems. 

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