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Ch 6: Los Angeles, Garden Paradise

How do we make peace with the change that has occurred? Can we recover some semblance of a connection to where our food comes from? We see various efforts at urban homesteading across the city and recognize that we can’t do everything, but we need to do what we can to solve the food crisis. What is it about Los Angeles that returns us to these themes? Is there something in us that just makes us want to grow things? There is an essential nature to food in our lives, but we have come to understand that not everyone has access to it.  Rick Nahmais, founder of Food Forward, explains how he was inspired to create his remarkable program: Seeing trees heavy with fruit in his neighborhood, with a tie to a past when his neighborhood was once filled with orchards and walnut trees, he connected the dots and made that food available for those who were hungry.  Tim Alderson, president of Seeds of Hope, takes viewers through their urban gardens and how the space is able to provide healthy food for their food pantry, as well as beautiful open space for the neighborhood. Past, present, future, the city’s agricultural past is being galvanized today to feed the millions of hungry people who live in the community around it. The challenges are many, but our future depends on an understanding of our past, and affecting the decisions we make going forward.

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