Hip Chick Farms W/ Soul Fire Farms

Hip Chick Farms is an LGBTQowned organic food startup in Sebastopol, California run by Serafina Palandech and her wife, Jennifer Johnson. Serafina and Jen share the struggles and challenges of LGBTQ entrepreneurs, what it means to be a woman in the food and meat industry, and the reasons behind the outpouring of investment in plant and food centric companies. Also, a special report from Soul Fire Farm in upstate New York, a family organizing for racial and gender justice in our food system.

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Laura Flanders Show

In the last century, Buffalo, New York was a booming industrial town fueled by a falls and people from all over the planet. But most of the wealth concentrated at the top, and at the end it mostly moved out. It looks as if people and investment may be coming back, but will the wealth be more equitably shared? Grassroots activists are determined that this time will be different, and they're not just hoping or lobbying for a change - they're looking very closely at government.

  • 2020-10-26T04:30:00-07:00