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Birds are supremely adaptable, capable not only of flying at phenomenal speeds and covering great distances, but of displaying a murderous nature, running on water in pursuit of love and even of building intricate structures. Using aerial camera techniques, Life flies with the birds and explores their incredible diversity and behaviour: dodging the piratical frigate birds; soaring with the lammergeyers; dancing with a thousand flamingos in the lakes of Africa; and witnessing the extraordinary displays of spatule-tailed hummingbirds, western grebes and bowerbirds as they attempt to attract a mate.

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Challenges of Life

Introducing the extraordinary things animals and plants must do in order to survive and reproduce. Witness amazing sights, captured at 1, 000 frames per second: capuchin monkeys smashing open palm nuts with stone ‘hammers’; hippos launching from the water into the air and chameleons stealing prey from a spider’s web. Sprint with cheetahs as they band together to tackle ostriches; watch dolphins form perfect rings of silt to trap fish, and swim with a seal as it struggles to escape attacking killer whales amongst the ice of Antarctica.

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Reptiles and Amphibians

From icy wastes to arid deserts, reptiles and amphibians have used their ancient, cold-blooded body plan along with sophisticated behavioural innovations to master the harshest environments on the planet. Using their ruthless hunting abilities, extraordinary camouflage, guile and downright physical toughness, they thrive where mammals and birds fear to tread.

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New filming techniques reveal behaviour that was previously impossible to capture in extreme locations. Fly amongst one of the largest migrations on Earth, as more than ten million fruit bats leave the Congo basin and converge in a few special trees in Zambia to feed; sprint with the tiny, extraordinary-looking sengis as it escapes a predatory lizard; see 30 polar bears gather to feed on a bowhead whale carcass; and witness the biggest fight on Earth…male humpback whales battling for a female.

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